Wednesday, 14 June 2017

the dangerous power cord for microsoft surface pro

back in 2013, i got myself a microsoft surface pro 2.  a brilliant little computer. however, last week i was extremely close to burning down a building due to its faulty ac power cord. it was pure luck that i was close enough to my computer to hear the cracking sound and hence seeing the sparks from the power cable. the power cable for these devices was obviously never thoroughly tested.

as i wrote this blog post i did a search for "microsoft surface pro power cable". the top article in my result list was "Microsoft AC power cord recall for Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, and certain Surface Pro 3 devices". so, this is a well-known problem. just too bad that the information about this does not reach the buyers.

i have tried to get in touch with microsoft about this. i would love to know why i was never informed about this defect. the problem is that i would have to pay $29 for asking them a question as my warranty expired in 2015. and that is something i, of course, won't bother.  microsoft's "virtual support agent" wasn't of much help either.

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