Wednesday, 14 June 2017

the dangerous power cord for microsoft surface pro

back in 2013, i got myself a microsoft surface pro 2.  a brilliant little computer. however, last week i was extremely close to burning down a building due to its faulty ac power cord. it was pure luck that i was close enough to my computer to hear the cracking sound and hence seeing the sparks from the power cable. the power cable for these devices was obviously never thoroughly tested.

as i wrote this blog post i did a search for "microsoft surface pro power cable". the top article in my result list was "Microsoft AC power cord recall for Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, and certain Surface Pro 3 devices". so, this is a well-known problem. just too bad that the information about this does not reach the buyers.

i have tried to get in touch with microsoft about this. i would love to know why i was never informed about this defect. the problem is that i would have to pay $29 for asking them a question as my warranty expired in 2015. and that is something i, of course, won't bother.  microsoft's "virtual support agent" wasn't of much help either.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

garmin forerunner 910xt review

do not buy the garmin forerunner 910xt - it's not worth its money.

the verdict
i bought my garmin forerunner 910xt more than five years ago, back in may 2012. i've used it hundreds of times. it is safe to say i've properly tested this device. disclaimer: this is nothing but my personal opinion. if you're considering buying this product you should read more reviews.

build quality
the watch itself is solid enough, despite a plasticity feel and look. however, the wristband is crap. after years of wear and tear my wristband broke. i know other users having had the same experience.

gps reception
the gps accuracy is not super accurate, but it's good enough. the accuracy depends on where you run (for example in a city with high buildings vs open landscape), how you run (straight vs a lot of turns, or fast vs slow). the major annoyance is how long it takes from turning on the watch till you have reception. if you start moving before you have full reception it might take as much as 10 minutes. if you're standing still it's normally done within five minutes. that is too long to wait though.

hr monitor
surprisingly inaccurate. tried with several types of belts. to me, hr monitoring has mainly been useless.

crappy. caused a super annoying popup every time i started my computer (details). transferring data from the watch to the computer and garmin connect stopped working after a couple of years. hence i have had no way to get the results off my watch.

i had heard from friends that garmin support was good. i have good experience from earlier. however, when i complained about the 910xt the garmin support was non-existing. it seemed to me like they did not bother to answer. at least, i never received any answer in my mailbox.

earlier i used polar. i moved away as they did not support mac and seemingly didn't see the need for supporting it either. their software was old and outdated. it might have changed now but i will not go back. in 2007 i made bought a garmin forerunner 310xt. i had a lot of issues with that watch but when the 910xt came out and got good reviews i decided to stay with garmin. however, i do not want to buy garmin again. to me, it's not worth the price. luckily i no longer feel the need for gps watches. if i were to buy a watch though i might have tried out suunto. looks great, and some friends of mine that wear them are satisfied.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

how to disable the pen ripple/circle effect on windows 10

when using a wacom pen on windows 10, or earlier versions of windows, you see a very annoying circle or ripple effect where the pen tip/mouse pointer hits the screen/tablet. the same goes for right clicking with your pen. below is a "how to" on completely disabling or turning off this effect on windows 10.

step one
turn off "show visual effects" in "settings" - "pen & windows ink"

step two
disable "enable press and hold for right-clicking" in the "pen and touch" app/program:

step three
disable "use windows ink" in "wacom tablet properties" - "grip pen" - "mapping":


the judge

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the scrutinising eyes is the critic
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