Thursday, 4 May 2017


race #4 2017 - 6516 m - 28:19 [sb] - wednesday 3rd of may

another sb
fourth srm in a row with a season's best. 28:19. an identical result as last. tangency of a record is still a record. at least in my book. and that book is what counts to me. yesterday i also discussed this matter with the man once known as "". he agreed.

despite the same official result as last, my garmin watch showed very different split times. then again, my impression with garmin watches is that they are as accurate as they are solid. in other words, not at all accurate. garmin watches remind me of turboencabulators. so when i see garmin presenting new products i hear nothing but this. sounds wonderful. doesn't work that well.

"garmin splits" (where time is relative):
split times this time: 4:24 - 4:30 - 4:26 - 4:20 - 4:31 - 4:21 - 4:05 = 28:19
split times last time: 4:23 - 4:23 - 4:27 - 4:17 - 4:26 - 4:23 - 3:46 = 28:19

during the last three weeks, i have been running three times a week, with a total of approximately 20 km. two slow sessions in the forest next to srm. five more races and the goal is reached. may is a challenging month though. next wednesday i'm prevented from participating. the week after there is 17th of may.

another sb
the "sb" i'll talk about now is the legend sindre buraas. it looks like i have a new challenge coming up. and it seems like mister buraas will help me out.

this challenge might be harder for mister buraas than for me. the goal for him is trying to make me run faster, given a set of limitations or rules. well, there is actually just one limitation, mr me. with all that follows.

the rules:
- i can only run three times a week
- i can never run two days in a row
- i can never run more than 15 km in one day
- i can never run more than 30 km in one week

the jokers:
- my calfs
- my motivation
more about that on this page.

the goal:
- two rounds around sognsvann, 6516 meters, in less than 26 minutes. this year.

the reason for the rules is that i believe far too many are exaggerating way too much when it comes to running. running is addictive. many people tend to go insane and keeps running until their body breaks down. sounds crazy. however, i know. i have been there. i believe it is possible to achieve an ok level without overdoing it. plus then you're less likely to get injured. not at all sure that i will reach my goal. i have to run 2 minutes and 20 seconds faster than i did yesterday. right now that is impossible. but challenges should be challenging.

what else

src: just turned five years old. hurray!

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