Saturday, 20 May 2017


on the morning of 17th of may, i had logged 195 srm races. only five more and my goal of 200 races was reached. this challenge seemed too easy. that aside, being able to once again run, after a longer break by whatever reason is nothing but wonderful. i assume most runners know exactly that feeling. running is after all quite a risky activity. it's a sport where injuries seem to occur more frequently than wearing out running shoes.

as readers might remember i decided to crank up the intensity of running. i decided to once again try to run faster. i even had sindre buraas on the team. i changed my mind very quickly though. almost immediately after i had published my last blog post on running i regretted. it was written in a weak moment, high on adrenaline. i forgot that running is no longer about speed. it is all about enjoying the feeling of running. it is as simple as that. because that is where the freedom resides. so instead of following mr buraas' great program, i have been running slowly in the forest. and i have been loving it.

i decided to start celebrating our national day, 17th of may, by doing a slow morning run. the rain was drizzling, the air was fresh, the forest was silent. life was outstanding. i was passing easily amid the spruces, feeling alive as nature and i blended. roughly four kilometres from home i felt a very familiar sensation in my left calf. the pain that i almost had forgotten returned like a swallow after a winter away. it was nothing to do but begin walking.

195. close. but no cigar.

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