Thursday, 11 May 2017

fake news?

back in august 2012, i wrote a blog post with the name "the drug test". it's time to once again tell this story, with some additional information. the reason is that i have now heard the same story from two different sources. that still doesn't mean the story is true. maybe this is nothing but "fake news". i have been back and forth whether or not i should share this information. i decided to do because i believe some rumours needs the attention of the public. this way other people might be able to debunk the information or keep digging for the truth.

this is the story:
back in 1995 or 1996. michael johnson visited bislett games. after the events johnson and other athletes had to wait in an area for drug testing to take part. people responsible for the test came and started selecting seemingly random athletes. michael johnson was picked, which resulted in him in saying: "i'm not supposed to be tested". he was never tested that time.

is this story just made up? is it nothing but fake news? it might very well be. i have no way of knowing. having said that, recently there has been some news articles stating that "fishy things" have been occurring at the bislett games:
European Athletics President Allegedly Falsified Doping Samples in 80s
European athletics president accused of covering up doping tests in the 80s
Utrolig at SAH er president i det europeiske forbundet
SAH truer med søksmål
these news articles contain no evidence either though. doping and cheating will always be a problem. lies and rumours will also always be a problem. maybe this story is just started by an athlete being annoyed with the event. or maybe the reason for the story is jealousy of some kind. it might even have been told as a joke at a party, by someone wanting to be in the centre of attention.

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