Thursday, 25 May 2017

Monday, 22 May 2017

the lion

from the outside
just another little child
like everyone else

Saturday, 20 May 2017


on the morning of 17th of may, i had logged 195 srm races. only five more and my goal of 200 races was reached. this challenge seemed too easy. that aside, being able to once again run, after a longer break by whatever reason is nothing but wonderful. i assume most runners know exactly that feeling. running is after all quite a risky activity. it's a sport where injuries seem to occur more frequently than wearing out running shoes.

as readers might remember i decided to crank up the intensity of running. i decided to once again try to run faster. i even had sindre buraas on the team. i changed my mind very quickly though. almost immediately after i had published my last blog post on running i regretted. it was written in a weak moment, high on adrenaline. i forgot that running is no longer about speed. it is all about enjoying the feeling of running. it is as simple as that. because that is where the freedom resides. so instead of following mr buraas' great program, i have been running slowly in the forest. and i have been loving it.

i decided to start celebrating our national day, 17th of may, by doing a slow morning run. the rain was drizzling, the air was fresh, the forest was silent. life was outstanding. i was passing easily amid the spruces, feeling alive as nature and i blended. roughly four kilometres from home i felt a very familiar sensation in my left calf. the pain that i almost had forgotten returned like a swallow after a winter away. it was nothing to do but begin walking.

195. close. but no cigar.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

fake news?

back in august 2012, i wrote a blog post with the name "the drug test". it's time to once again tell this story, with some additional information. the reason is that i have now heard the same story from two different sources. that still doesn't mean the story is true. maybe this is nothing but "fake news". i have been back and forth whether or not i should share this information. i decided to do because i believe some rumours needs the attention of the public. this way other people might be able to debunk the information or keep digging for the truth.

this is the story:
back in 1995 or 1996. michael johnson visited bislett games. after the events johnson and other athletes had to wait in an area for drug testing to take part. people responsible for the test came and started selecting seemingly random athletes. michael johnson was picked, which resulted in him in saying: "i'm not supposed to be tested". he was never tested that time.

is this story just made up? is it nothing but fake news? it might very well be. i have no way of knowing. having said that, recently there has been some news articles stating that "fishy things" have been occurring at the bislett games:
European Athletics President Allegedly Falsified Doping Samples in 80s
European athletics president accused of covering up doping tests in the 80s
Utrolig at SAH er president i det europeiske forbundet
SAH truer med søksmål
these news articles contain no evidence either though. doping and cheating will always be a problem. lies and rumours will also always be a problem. maybe this story is just started by an athlete being annoyed with the event. or maybe the reason for the story is jealousy of some kind. it might even have been told as a joke at a party, by someone wanting to be in the centre of attention.

epic retardedness fix - enabling mru tabbing in chrome

since the launch of chrome back in 2008 i have been annoyed with the lack of mru (most recently used) tabbing. i believed, for a long time, that the feature would be implemented. now, nine years later, i have given up waiting for google. yesterday i spent some time searching the net for a fix to this major annoyance, or epic retardedness, in this web browser. below is the result.

my previous solution
i have for years been using the extension "tab stacker". with tabs being moved to the left it has been a suboptimal solution. but i learned to live with it since it allowed me to use the windows default 'ctrl' + 'tab' shortcut for mru switching.

the fix
below is a step by step description of what i did to enable mru tabbing in chrome in a proper way.

download and install autohotkey (i went for version 1.1, AutoHotkey_1.1.25.01_setup.exe, as i was unsure if the script i found would work with version 2).

in a smart place on the os do creat a file named 'chrome_ctrlTab.ahk', and added the following content:
#IfWinActive, ahk_class Chrome_WidgetWin_1

right click that file and click 'compile', to turn it into a .exe file.

press 'win' + 'r' and type in 'shell:startup'.

make a shortcut to 'chrome_ctrlTab.exe' inside the startup directory.

install the chrome extension "CLUT: Cycle Last Used Tabs".

open chrome://extensions/, scroll to end of the page, click "keyboard shortcuts" and set the quick switch shortcut of the extension to "ctrl + q".

stackoverflow for the rescue, once again
an alternative script
a quora discussion
another possible alternative could have been using a macro recorder
chrome_mru on github

update: atom editor issue
running the above script is messing with the atom editor/ide. by some reason unknown to me the autohotkey script triggers when atom is the active window. the fix is to edit the shortcut for mru in atom to also use ctrl+q.

in `keymap.cson` add the following lines:

    'ctrl-q':       'pane:show-next-recently-used-item'
    'ctrl-q ^ctrl': 'pane:move-active-item-to-top-of-stack'

winter comeback at wyller


Saturday, 6 May 2017

in the meantime

while listening to be svendsen
i am wondering if numbers exist
i believe i am a nominalist

praising what marley said
and acknowledging the worthlessness of stress
i am feeling supersensitiveness

Thursday, 4 May 2017

the luckiest person alive

life is great. i am fully conscious that everything can change in shorter than a second. it has occurred before. that is why i value my life here and now so dearly.

my balcony
this is the view from my balcony. i can share it with good friends. it is weather resistance and maintenance-free. in the background, you can see my city. it is conveniently located in a great country.

my gym
this is my gym. here i can run, ski, cycle, and swim. i can lift heavy objects, or i can just chill out. i can be with people, or find my own private spot, silenced by nothing but nature. it is completely free and open all year around, every day, every hour.

my lawn
this is my lawn. i do not even have to cut the grass. some people do it for me. several times a month.

my pool
this is my swimming pool. i do not need to clean it nor prepare it for summer or winter. nature does it for me. every year. just in time for a new season.

and then some
next, to all this, i have a wonderful family and great friends. i have everything i need. and then some. i feel like the luckiest person alive.


race #4 2017 - 6516 m - 28:19 [sb] - wednesday 3rd of may

another sb
fourth srm in a row with a season's best. 28:19. an identical result as last. tangency of a record is still a record. at least in my book. and that book is what counts to me. yesterday i also discussed this matter with the man once known as "". he agreed.

despite the same official result as last, my garmin watch showed very different split times. then again, my impression with garmin watches is that they are as accurate as they are solid. in other words, not at all accurate. garmin watches remind me of turboencabulators. so when i see garmin presenting new products i hear nothing but this. sounds wonderful. doesn't work that well.

"garmin splits" (where time is relative):
split times this time: 4:24 - 4:30 - 4:26 - 4:20 - 4:31 - 4:21 - 4:05 = 28:19
split times last time: 4:23 - 4:23 - 4:27 - 4:17 - 4:26 - 4:23 - 3:46 = 28:19

during the last three weeks, i have been running three times a week, with a total of approximately 20 km. two slow sessions in the forest next to srm. five more races and the goal is reached. may is a challenging month though. next wednesday i'm prevented from participating. the week after there is 17th of may.

another sb
the "sb" i'll talk about now is the legend sindre buraas. it looks like i have a new challenge coming up. and it seems like mister buraas will help me out.

this challenge might be harder for mister buraas than for me. the goal for him is trying to make me run faster, given a set of limitations or rules. well, there is actually just one limitation, mr me. with all that follows.

the rules:
- i can only run three times a week
- i can never run two days in a row
- i can never run more than 15 km in one day
- i can never run more than 30 km in one week

the jokers:
- my calfs
- my motivation
more about that on this page.

the goal:
- two rounds around sognsvann, 6516 meters, in less than 26 minutes. this year.

the reason for the rules is that i believe far too many are exaggerating way too much when it comes to running. running is addictive. many people tend to go insane and keeps running until their body breaks down. sounds crazy. however, i know. i have been there. i believe it is possible to achieve an ok level without overdoing it. plus then you're less likely to get injured. not at all sure that i will reach my goal. i have to run 2 minutes and 20 seconds faster than i did yesterday. right now that is impossible. but challenges should be challenging.

what else

src: just turned five years old. hurray!

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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

in a short period of time


in a short period of time, we can not trust what we hear.  is a great example of that. the same goes for what we see on a screen. then, it will be hard to separate real life from a simulation. some believe we're there already. in the end, what can we believe? our feelings? anything at all? is even "belief" just a simulated concept?

if you were to create the perfect simulation, would you remove the concept of the simulation from the simulation itself? this to prevent "entities" inside the simulation from understanding that their world is a sandbox, and in the next moment be trying to break out. though, can you remove the concept of the very thing from the very thing itself?