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race #2 2017 - 6516 m - 29:10 [sb] - wednesday 12th of april

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the race to two hundred
this is part two in a new series here on, that i decided to name "the race to two hundred". please note that i am only stating that i have started the series. i might never end it. but, i will try to. hopefully you, by reading this post, understand the meaning of the title. if not, in these easter eggs times, part one might give you a clue.

srm #193
today i did my srm race number 193 (+2). easter, seven degrees, and rain despite, there were surprisingly many happy people by the lake i so often have run around. i met legends like mr leira and mr bennett. and i ended up running with mr eiksund . i have no idea what that man is made out of. one and a half weeks ago he did seven marathons in seven days. if had done one marathon in seven days, i would have struggled for more than a few weeks. i am still glad i decided, very early on, never to do a marathon in my entire life.

as stated before, i have not done much running lately. due to this, i was quite pleased with today's result, two rounds, ~6.5 km in a 4:30 per km pace. last week i was at 4:45 per km. here are the 1 km split times:
4:45 - 4:34 - 4:35 - 4:28 - 4:27 - 4:21 - 4:03 (~500m)

(garmin rant: my crappy garmin 910xt watch almost never let me transfer data to my computer, so have to manually type in the split times. annoying. have earlier tried contacting garmin support a couple of times, but they haven't even bothered to reply. lousy. and next to this the build quality of the wristband is poor. i have to use duct tape to make sure i do not lose my watch.)

challenge one
this series might be utterly boring for everyone but myself. i realise that. however, trying to make it a tad interesting there are a couple of challenges on my way to reach 200 races. the first challenge is my motivation. i have had motivational issues when it comes to running the last years. if i lose my motivation i might never reach 200 races, despite being close. i am not too afraid of this issue though. right now it is great fun just being able to run. and i do love the srm events, due to all the great people.

challenge two
challenge two is the main challenge. i have had injuries in my calf muscles, on both sides. 2015 in my left calf. 2016 the right. ultrasound showed that i had gotten a rift in my soleus muscle. i have no idea why i got these issues. and it happened completely without any pre-warning signs. both times while running though, but i was running slow, not doing any hard workouts. since then i have been to a physio and gotten a strength training program. i have done several calf workouts over the last year. i might have gotten this due to my leg muscles, in general, being too tense. but i do not know. if i get more calf issues i reckon i will lose all my motivation for running.

src: wikimedia

what else
finally, the "what else section". below.

despite winter being short, it was a great wyller season. 21 days on the paper. not bad at all.

easter egg
it is easter. i am looking for the easter egg. while on the loo. such a nice side activity. still, haven't found that egg. found many others. however, i did find the at-at (spoiler alert below).

the burning court
yes, it is easter. i am in the city. and at night i visit my office (not my day job office), due to the awesome sound system there, and listen to nrk's "sort messe" from 1975 ("the burning court").

working hard on foreneNo. deep into coding these days. great fun. love it. you can check out the platform in use, powering the site more changes coming up, in the next weeks.

in february i started working 40% at my day job. after summer the plan is to up this to 50% though. i can't describe, in words, the feeling of working this little. that is why i have a lot more time and energy to do my own projects. my first projects have been, and still is, the development of foreneNo. but soonish i will spend more time on writing and drawing. but i can only do one thing at a time. so for now, back to the code.

for more, check out @klevstul.

overall life is good, and, foobar.

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