Wednesday, 5 April 2017


race #1 2017 - 6516 m - 30:50 [sb] - wednesday 5th of april

old - but still usable.

in 2015 i didn't run much. in 2016 even less. reasons being motivational issues, and injuries. not sure how much running there will be this year. but i truly hope there will be a lot more than last two years. and today it was time for my old shoes, my old watch and my old srm chip to finally see daylight again. the sun was shining. the old shorts were on. a new srm season was starting. i was able to run, and i did my srm race number 192 (or, actually race #194, as i have used different names a couple of times). even though i ran slow, almost slower than ever before, the two rounds around the lake was a blast. wonderful being able to run, and not feeling any pain except from being in crappy shape. and, yes, srm is still a brilliant event.


  1. We could only hope that this guy will put on his shoes more often this year and also take place behind his camera for some unike and artistic photos, those been from sports events or other amusements around the world.

    1. thank you, heming. i will for sure do my best. hope being able to join more of your wonderful races in 2017. and sometimes with a camera! ((:


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