Saturday, 29 April 2017


sognsvann - photo credits:

wednesday passed. srm passed. i did not run. despite being shortlisted for a pair of new running footwear. one thing is for certain, with a 40% salary it would have been nifty getting a pair of new shoes. my mailbox is bursting with emails from people that question why i did not run this wednesday. has my calfs given me more difficulties? have i once again lose all motivation for running? have i been banned from the competition? has someone very stupid introduce a running fee for racing around the lake? do i no longer see the point in running in the forest, since i can make my own forest soundscape? was i skiing in wyller? the mysteries are many. the answers few. i am sorry to all you multitudinous readers of this brilliant blog. you just have to wait and see. see if i will run wednesday next week. or if this was it. so close, yet so far away.

readers have also been asking me concerning my mission to get running tips from the legend sindre buraas. i've gone through eight power cycles on my battery attempting to get hold of that guy. it is almost as if he doesn't want to talk to me. but knowing how extraordinary remarkable awesome i am as a person that can not be the case. i bet he is just out cycling, all the time, 24/7/365. having stated that, i did get one text from mister buraas though. he seems to be assuming that i am noel gallagher.

by the way, i've also had ava v5.9 analysed sognsvann for you guys. i used the above image of the lake. there is a lot of surprise by the lake, next to happiness and some sadness. luckily there is little anger to notice.

sognsvann, as viewed by ava.

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