Sunday, 2 October 2016

do what you love

it sounds like a cliché, but i personally reckon we all should strive to do more of what we love. based on 40 years of experience, and numerous of conversations with numerous of people from a wide range of countries, i have the impression that we all have an inner desire. it is as if we are all born to do something. what this "something" is, will vary. for some it might be hiking in the mountains, for some it might be having a family, for some it might be teaching, for some it might be making music, for some it might be helping others. when you do what you love, life is great. when you don't, you are dissatisfied. this seems to be a universal truth.

is there such a thing as a universal truth?

finding your inner desire is difficult. this is manifested in the huge amount of self-help books that are said to help you in your quest. and then you have eastern philosophy that warns against desire. with desire comes craving. the buddhist monk strive to have no desires. but isn't a goal of not having any desires also a desire? life quickly gets difficult thinking too much. looking for answers generates more questions.

instead of "inner desire", "inner love" might be a better expression. an inner love to do something that is special to you. but are there right and wrong desires? if you feel you are born to make music, making music makes you feel alive. hence that is your inner love. making music then is a positive desire. right? what if you love to write hateful songs, with discriminating lyrics? is it possible that doing this would make you a happy person? what if your desire is to have as many girls as possible? or have as much money and power as possible?

are there rules that defines that "inner love" is only valid as long as it has no negative outcomes for anyone? in that case the person that makes love songs follows his or hers "inner love", while the person that writes hate songs does not. or? is it possible feeling love knowing your actions hurt someone else? what is love? what are feelings? questions leading to more questions than answers.

i love to build, things...
that is what i love.
i know this.
i have known this all my life.
i knew without realising.
i realised this two years ago.

for me it was far from easy finding my inner love. i had to go through many life changing experiences. now i believe i know my answer. at the same time i know my answer might change. because i change. i am not the person today that i was yesterday. tomorrow i might not even be at all.

life is wonderfully exciting. more questions than answers.

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