Thursday, 8 September 2016



back in the days i used to see a lot of movies. the later years i have not. and when i do, i often end up picking the wrong ones. brain dead hollywood flicks. where the only feeling i end up with is having wasted a couple of hours of my life, watching junk.

however, as i am about to give up all hope in the movie industry, i sometimes discover a diamond. or someone passes a diamond my way. this winter, i did get an email from a good friend, whom i went to film school with. she recommended the 2014 movie "whiplash". what a recommendation. whiplash is the best movie i have watched in a very long period of time. it hit me right in the guts. so much tension. so believable storyline. so real characters.

if you are so fortunate that you have not seen this film yet. please, do not read more about it, do not watch any trailer. do not check out the imdb page. try not having any expectations, despite of what i just wrote. because you might not like it at all. it might not be your type of film. however, please do get hold of a copy (well, these days that expression is a bit outdated), turn off the lights and watch and listen. you might like it.

(only to be opened after the movie has been consumed)
imdb page
wiki page

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