Thursday, 22 September 2016

top ten tune makers

src: wikimedia

i have been on since january 2007, where i have scrobbled most of what i have listened to for the past 10 years. here are my top ten artists.

top 10 out of 9476 artists

pink floyd (src: wikipedia)

pink floyd scrobbles. the band is still going strong.

top 10 pink floyd albums. where is "the wall"?

pink floyd
proud to have these guys on the top. some of the best tunes ever created on planet earth are delivered by pink floyd. the quality of their music is peerless. how it is possible to make a song like echoes is above my imagination. more than 23 minutes of tunes perfectly aligned in the universe. and that is far from not the only song being supreme. listening to pink floyd's brilliant music has given me goosebumps more than once.

daft punk scrobbles
only new stuff...

daft punk
not a bad group on second. electro tunes from daft punk kicks. they are great. no need to write more.

2013, the year of shpongle

these guys have been experimenting with ... stuff

before 2013 i had never heard about shpongle. then i did listen to them on a $100k stereo. got hooked. i still play a tune, now and then, if i am up for some lovely wacky tunes.

cbl scrobbles

my top albums from cbl

carbon based lifeforms
didn't discover carbon based lifeforms, or cbl, before 2014. love at first sound. by far my favourite ambient music. cbl has got something extra, in comparison to all other ambient bands.

i know. timbaland. well, i was young. that is my excuse. i have changed.

listen a lot to akeboshi, back in the days. don't listen as much any longer. however, still like the tunes. reminds me of a a very good period of my life.

mozart l'opéra rock
a strange entry on my top list is from the rock opera "mozart, l'opéra rock". more than 500 scrobbles in 2010. rapidly on its way down.

kollektiv turmstrasse
i didn't truly discover kollektiv turmstraße before 2016. got hocked.

ólafur arnalds
ólafur arnalds delivers wonderful music from iceland. still going strong.

nordlight was my number one band in 2015, with 341 scrobbles.

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