Sunday, 11 September 2016

follow your dreams and your heart

a few days back i read an article from aslak sira myhre's article named "Ikke følg drømmen din" (do not follow your dream). i am not sure if i understood what myhre meant, as i found the read a tad confusing. that aside, personally i am a big believer in following one's dreams, so i had to write a few words in response.

myhre did have some arguments i do agree with. i agree that we, as a society, are often thinking too much of ourselves and our own needs. i agree that too much self focus easily can lead to suffering for those around us. i believe that it is very wrong to think more highly about yourself, as a human being, than anyone else.

but, seriously, is following our dreams a bad thing? when myhre became a politician, didn't he himself have a dream dream about influencing society? would myhre have told martin luther king to stop dreaming? what about giorgio moroder? steve jobs? elon musk? i could go on, with athletes, painters, actors, engineers, and so on.

is it really necessary to tell anyone not to follow their dreams? just dreaming doesn't generate money. most people do need money. hence most people end up with a "normal" job, which is more or less useful for society. this also include "dreamers".

i would say: follow your dreams, and your heart. do what you love, and this will make you happy. if you are happy, you will share your happiness with those around you.

and remember there is absolutely no conflict in between living a very normal life and being genuinely happy. the happiest people i know of are the ones that know how to appreciate simple everyday life, to the fullest.

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