Sunday, 24 April 2016

the tibetan rites challenge

moch - challenge #22 march 2016 - the tibetan rites challenge


in march i completed a new challenge. this time, a yoga challenge. every morning in march, as soon as i got up, i did a few minutes of yoga. i did the "five tibetan rites". it was a great way to start the day. no more stiff back in the morning. i am not the most flexible person on the planet, so i had to do some adjustments to a couple of the exercises. i also only did 10 repetitions, instead of the 21 you are supposed to do.

some of the claimed benefits of doing these exercises is to get younger, get better eye sight, and grow your hair back. i was not let down. i felt younger at least, i could throw away my glasses, and my hair growth rocketed. i even got a tan, in march. rites ftw!

before doing the rites

after four weeks of doing the rites (i shaved my beard twice a day).

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