Tuesday, 5 April 2016

the end of img.chronicles.no

once upon a time, there was a picture blog, called "img.chronicles.no"...

as some might have notice, you no longer get access to my picture blog, when you visit img.chronicles.no. instead you get forwarded to my instagram account, where there is a lot less pictures and activity. i still have my old picture blog online. i will keep adding pictures there, on a frequent basis. however, it is no longer access to the public.

the reason why i have hidden my image blog is simply that i no longer wish to share "everything" with "the world". i am now going to use it as my own private photo album, only shared with a few friends and my family. more interesting pictures, maybe. for less people, definitively.

on a longer term i am also planning to introduce a collection of all my online content on one domain, namely on klevstul.com. right now "i'm all over the place". a new version of "img.chronicles.no" might show up there, one day in the distant future.

until today i shared loads of my mobile shots with everyone. time to become a tad more private.

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