Wednesday, 10 February 2016

some japanese terms

below is a list of some japanese terms that i found handy, or funny, while visiting the land of the great ramen. it is all written in romanji (for hiragana and katakana, check this page). the spelling might be all wrong. and not 100% about the translation either. anyhow, i find it useful myself, so maybe some other will as well.

... des (I am)
... deska (are you / is it?)
aboko des (it's mine)
akemaste omedeto gosaimas (happy new year)
ano (well...)
biru (beer)
bo nen kai (forget year party)
cho samui (super cold)
daijo bu (ok)
dameda (don't do that)
dju nin (12)
doitashimashte (no worries / you're welcome)
domo (hello / thanks)
domo arigatto (many thanks)
engawa (white fish) - hirame (white fish) - uni (sea urchin) - hamachi - iuashi - maguro - nakaochi -
fukuro (plastic bag)
gochiso sama dechta (thanks for good food - formal)
gomenasai (i am sorry)
hai kudasai (yes please)
hai onegaishimasu (yes please)
hidari - migi (left - right)
hiragana (japanese words) katakana (foreign words) kanji (chinese characters) romanji (latin letters)
hitotsu / hutatsu / mitsu (one, two, three - when describing objects)
  jotsu / itsutsu / mutsu / nanatsu / yatsu / kokonotsu / to (4-10, how many objects)
honto ni (really)
hora fuki (you liar)
hyaku ni dju (120)
ii des (no please, you should not have to give it to me)
ikimasuka (lets go)
iku (go)
iku iku iku (i'm coming)
ikun deska (do you go?)
ippon no yuki sugoi (snow of japan is great)
ira nai des (i dont need it)
irashei masen (can I help you)
itsu (when)
konya taskete kudasai (tonight help please - help me tonight, please)
kudasai (please give me)
mata atode (see you later)
mata kondo (see you another time)
mega mori (mega size)
miso chiru salado setto (salad set with miso soup)
mizu (water)
nami (standard size)
nami mori (standard size)
naruhodo (i understand / i see)
nis-ko-mae (west highscool front - what to tell the kumegawa taxi driver, to get home)
o mori (large size)
ohaio gozaimas (good morning)
ohaio sumi (good night)
oishi (good)
okaike kudasai (bill please)
onaka ippai (i am full)
san nin (three people)
sanji hum (30 minutes)
shimariga i (nice and tight)
shite kudasai hai (yes please)
so dedja (see you - slang)
so so so (yes yes yes)
sodes ka (oh really, is it so, I see)
sodes ne (oh, I think.. hmm)
soto deru ko (you gong out)
sumimasen (excuse me)
tameru (want to save)
tanoshinde (enjoy)
taskete kudasai (help me)
tju mori (middle plus size) - salado setto (salad set)
tsukau (want to use)
unaka ippai (I'm full - full stomage)
unko (shit)

Sunday, 7 February 2016

boost from boobs

suddenly the ncr extension got a lot of korean users.

and people love the extension...

back in december i experienced a major boost in the download of my ncr extension for chrome. today i realised that this was due to an article in the korean magazine to be precise, the article titled "구글, 한국 사용자 '세이프서치' 강제 적용 피하기".

since my korean is not perfect, i needed a tiny bit of help from google translate, for understanding the content of the article. the reason for the boost was boobs. there seems to have been some changes to how "safe search" worked for the korean version of google back in december. if you're an avid google search user you should know that you can disable "safe search" for enabling a more "interesting" search experience. in short, with safe search off you can find boobs, and other adult content on google.

now, with my ncr extension, i help users staying on the .com domain of google search, no matter where they are located in the world. and so far the .com version of the google search seems to provide more boobs than local sites, like

so, if you are located outside of the us, and feel that you need more porn, maybe downloading ncr can help you.

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