Wednesday, 6 January 2016

carbon footprint

i have to admit that i have done more than a fair bit of travelling in 2015, and earlier. last year i went on several trips abroad. for some of them i had no choice (work related). some where more or less important (visiting family, going to one of my best friend's wedding), but several were only for the fun of it. i am not super conscious when it comes to the environment. at least i have not been. i realise i need to change my attitude.


in december i did travel from oslo to fuerteventura. a one week holiday in the heat, to exercise and relax. my own well-being was the only goal of this trip. from oslo to fuerteventura is almost a 6 hours flight. so 12 hours in total, on a plane, just for the purpose of some sun and fun. using it says that this return flight results in 1.11 tonnes of CO2e.

1.11 tonnes co2e sounds much. but is it really? i found one page that helped me out.

"Picture a football field, and then imagine a round balloon with one end lined up on the goal line and the other on the 10 yards line [9.14 meters] – that is, a balloon with a diameter of 10 yards. If that balloon were filled with CO2, it would weigh about 1 ton; it would be a 1-ton CO2 balloon."


one ton of co2 equals about 400 kilo of waste sent to the landfill.


one ton equals driving an average passenger car 2643 miles or 4235 km (in one year i used to drive a maximum of 8000 km).

miles to km conversion.

the trip to fuerteventura was a nice one. i trained well, and recharged my batteries. i have a lot more energy now, compared with what i normally do this time of year. in general i feel better. well, i felt better until i started calculating the carbon footprint i did leave by going on this trip. and then i have not added all the extra resources required to serve one hotel guest with good food, miscellaneous activities, and lush surroundings on a desert island in the atlantic ocean. i have to ask myself the question: is it possible to justify such behaviour, just for my own well-being?

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