Sunday, 1 November 2015

in between torches

the final sognsvann rundt medsols in between torches, srm #436 (src).

my srm number 184
last wednesday was the final srm race of the 2015 season, and the last srm race with torches, ever. next year there will be street lights all the way around sognsvann. personally i reckon this is sad. without street lights you have a choice. if you want to move around the lake in the dark, you can wear a headlight if you prefer. with street lights there is no choice. the gravel road will be lit for everyone, either you like it or not. and why moving the edge of the city even further into marka? swimming in the lake a late summer night will not be the same any more. neither will walking around the lake a winter night, in moonshine, listening to the wings of the crows flapping in the cold air. or laying on the pier, watching the stars. will the next step of "adaptation" be replacing the gravel with asphalt?

it seems unreal to me that it is as much as seven years since i did my first srm race. since that late october night in 2008 i have done in total 184 races around the lake i love. seven years sounds heaps more than it feels. i remember my first race as it was yesterday. strangely i do not feel any older at all. maybe i never will. i do notice that my body is getting older though. and i have learned a thing or two, since back then. i've had my "downs and ups" ("ups and downs" sounds less positive). i have come to realise that life is not very long after all. even if dying of old age. and that is by far no guarantee. time passes faster, and faster, and faster.

it is simple to waste time on things that feels meaningless. specially in a society constructed so that work and consumption becomes the main activities for as many as possible. as well, it's so easy to spend much energy thinking of past events, and planning for tomorrow. despite that you will never live in the past, nor in the future. the only time you live is right here, right now. not that you should completely forget about yesterday, nor avoid thinking of tomorrow. but despite it sounding like a cliché, doing the most out this very moment is what counts, in the end.

last year i started getting fed up by running. now i know that it was not running itself i was tired of. it was mere the mania related to the activity. crasy as it sounds, i did not manage to run without logging every step i made. i was obsessed with time and statistics. i constantly wanted to run faster, and set new personal bests. running went from a fun and healthy activity, to a sport not as free as i wanted it to be. because when i can't run without a watch, then something is wrong, in my book at least.

the result for me was to throw away my gadgets, do heaps less races (srm is to me more a social event than a race, luckily), and run only when i wanted to, instead of when "i had to". if i feel like doing intervals i do. if not, no worries. maybe i run slowly instead, or not run at all. as a result of this approach i've become slow compared to the 2014 version of me. does it matter? not to me. why should everything in life be a competition, even against yourself? as long as i can run, i am happy. because just being able to run is far from any matter of course.

despite of little running this season, i have had some injuries. i had achilles problems from end of the 2014 season until may. then, in september, i got problems with my calf. first i thought it was cramps. i was wrong, and the pain lasted. so finally being able to do another srm this wednesday, with absolutely no pain at all, was wonderful. because done the right way, running is medicine.

what else

i am used to having some injuries, and feeling pain. lately there has been more than usual though. i've got my calf, as mentioned above. a have a troublesome shoulder, an annoying thumb, and my back that seldom lets me down when it comes to giving me pain. overall these are minor issues in the big picture. i am able to run, and do what i want. that is what matters.

i've done bouldering once a week, for a year. great exercise, very social, good fun. just started doing two bouldering sessions a week. not sure if that is doable without getting injured. i'll find out.

nature - move - create
being on holidays i realised that the keywords for my life should be:
nature - move - create
to be happy i need to be close to nature. i need to be able to move. and i need to be able to be creative. next to this friends and family are important, and i need to play and have fun.

talking about playing and having fun, tis-100 is brilliant.

and related to being creative, i keep drawing, and have sold several works. some are put on display in offices in oslo. seems unreal.

new challenge
during my holidays i decided to only eat meat twice a week. why? due to the environment, and the way we raise animals for food.

after three weeks in asia it is nice being home. first time i have felt like that. is getting older a reason?

i went to a nightclub in oslo recently. first time in years. i had forgotten all about life in these places. so a very interesting experience. like being in a zoo, only missing attenborough's voice over.
i was pretty close to shutting down instead i created a new version, that is heaps cheaper to run, and easier to maintain. hence it will go on living.
i have developed a new site, called

my ncr extension for chrome is kept up to day, and currently has more than 6400 users.
not made by me, but i have a new favoruite web site, by the way, do a "view source" of the page, as well. wonderful.

car sold
talking about cars, i did sell my car this summer. so far i have not regretted it at all.