Saturday, 10 October 2015

tw-notes #1

notes from a foreign country. some might be wrong, some might be prejudice. these are nothing but my personal and hence subjective observations.

these are mainly notes from taipei, as i spent most of my time there.


there are a lot of them. and i do mean a lot.

there are a lot of them. and they are cheap.

there are a lot of them.

places to eat
there are a lot of them. and the food is really good.

juice bars
there are a lot of them. you can chose amount of ice and sugar. and if you chose less ice you get more juice.

people are really friendly and helpful.

wide streets
the streets are wide.

night markets
is a great concept.

people seem very alive, and quite happy.

it is easy to see that taiwan is heavily influenced by japan, next to china.

the sinks are mounted too low, if you are 180 cm tall.

everyone takes selfies, everywhere.

kånken bags from fjällräven are popular.

seems to be the land of love. there are couples everywhere, and there is love everywhere.

when you buy something to drink, in a bottle, in a cup, in whatever have you got, you do get a straw.

metro stations has heaps of exits. 10 seems to be a common number. and all exits / entrances are above street level / they are built up.

it feels safe.

drivers seems to have little respect for ambulances.

thank you
you can come far with only knowing the phrase "shjie-shjie" (xie xie), which means "thank you". with "ni hao" (good day), you can even come a bit further.  and if you add "zaijian" (goodbye) to your vocabulary you can feel like an native. or, almost.

the family seems to take care of the elders themselves. instead of outsourcing care like what is done in the western world.

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