Saturday, 10 October 2015

j-notes #6

notes from a foreign country. some might be wrong, some might be prejudice. these are nothing but my personal and hence subjective observations.

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it is perfectly normal to smoke in restaurants, while eating.

when it rains everyone uses an umbrella, even if they do wear a rain coat as well.

station toilets
even at the train stations in tokyo the toilets are quite clean.

dog poo trea
there is a tree with fruits that smell like dog poo.

walking backwards
i have mentioned people walking backwards. this time i was told they do it to prevent alzheimer, to stay sharp.

road maintenance
when there is road maintenance it seems like there are more people navigating the traffic, than actually doing the maintenance of the road.

old people
there are a lot of old people working in japan.

kids on bike
it is perfectly normal to have several of your kids, on your bike, in chairs, when cycling.

the only people wearing cycling helmets seems to be those who exercise on road bikes.

all cables seems to be going in the air, instead of in the ground.

in tokyo there is a lot of sounds, quite loud as well.

everyone seems to be occupied at all times, mainly with their phones. even when they are walking.

line is the number one app for keeping in touch.

kånken bags from fjällräven are popular.

the moomintrolls are popular.

matresses are hard.

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