Saturday, 10 October 2015

tw-notes #1

notes from a foreign country. some might be wrong, some might be prejudice. these are nothing but my personal and hence subjective observations.

these are mainly notes from taipei, as i spent most of my time there.


there are a lot of them. and i do mean a lot.

there are a lot of them. and they are cheap.

there are a lot of them.

places to eat
there are a lot of them. and the food is really good.

juice bars
there are a lot of them. you can chose amount of ice and sugar. and if you chose less ice you get more juice.

people are really friendly and helpful.

wide streets
the streets are wide.

night markets
is a great concept.

people seem very alive, and quite happy.

it is easy to see that taiwan is heavily influenced by japan, next to china.

the sinks are mounted too low, if you are 180 cm tall.

everyone takes selfies, everywhere.

kånken bags from fjällräven are popular.

seems to be the land of love. there are couples everywhere, and there is love everywhere.

when you buy something to drink, in a bottle, in a cup, in whatever have you got, you do get a straw.

metro stations has heaps of exits. 10 seems to be a common number. and all exits / entrances are above street level / they are built up.

it feels safe.

drivers seems to have little respect for ambulances.

thank you
you can come far with only knowing the phrase "shjie-shjie" (xie xie), which means "thank you". with "ni hao" (good day), you can even come a bit further.  and if you add "zaijian" (goodbye) to your vocabulary you can feel like an native. or, almost.

the family seems to take care of the elders themselves. instead of outsourcing care like what is done in the western world.

j-notes #6

notes from a foreign country. some might be wrong, some might be prejudice. these are nothing but my personal and hence subjective observations.

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it is perfectly normal to smoke in restaurants, while eating.

when it rains everyone uses an umbrella, even if they do wear a rain coat as well.

station toilets
even at the train stations in tokyo the toilets are quite clean.

dog poo trea
there is a tree with fruits that smell like dog poo.

walking backwards
i have mentioned people walking backwards. this time i was told they do it to prevent alzheimer, to stay sharp.

road maintenance
when there is road maintenance it seems like there are more people navigating the traffic, than actually doing the maintenance of the road.

old people
there are a lot of old people working in japan.

kids on bike
it is perfectly normal to have several of your kids, on your bike, in chairs, when cycling.

the only people wearing cycling helmets seems to be those who exercise on road bikes.

all cables seems to be going in the air, instead of in the ground.

in tokyo there is a lot of sounds, quite loud as well.

everyone seems to be occupied at all times, mainly with their phones. even when they are walking.

line is the number one app for keeping in touch.

kånken bags from fjällräven are popular.

the moomintrolls are popular.

matresses are hard.

Monday, 5 October 2015

the end of

sitting in a small hotel room, in taipei, taiwan and writing this. well, it doesn't actually matter at all where i am, but the case is that since i am on holidays i have had some time on my hands to think of what to do with, or the foreneNo engine to be more precise.

my initial plan was to keep developing the service. i have done some progress on version 0.7 (v 0.6 is currently live), but due to other projects the development has been slow. very slow. i have to admit that i have not been too motivated to keep updating the service either. the problem i have been working on has been hard to solve (auto freeing and resizing the temporary tablespace for the rdbms - tech stuff, i know, zzzz...), so it has been more fun doing other tasks.

i could keep the service running as it is today. after all, it is working fine. despite some minimal manual work is needed now and then. though, i do not like manual work, that can be avoided. however, running the service also do cost unnecessary much money. due to the technology platform i chose. i build it on oracle. technology i did love. and technology i wanted to stay updated on. so i looked at this project as a personal investment, as well as it being nice to give a handy service to people.

oracle has recently become the main reason for why i have decided to end the development of foreneNo, and shut down to put it short, it was oracle's chief officer's statement from august that made me certain that i do not want anything to do with that company. from mary ann davidson's wiki page:
"In August 2015, Davidson published a blog post criticizing engineers who use static analysis tools to find and report potential vulnerabilities in Oracle software.[5] Articles about her post soon appeared on technology news sites, where comments were extremely critical of its content and tone.[6][7] The post was subsequently removed."

i could re-build the service from scratch, using another back-end technology. but that would take a lot of time. time that i do not see the value in spending. the number of users of has declined, and has recently been less than 50 per day. sorry, but just not enough for me to spend my spare time on this project.

not the huge number of visitors that i had hoped for.

if you are one of those few final 50 persons that still do use, i recommend taking a look at for example, or other alternatives. with tools like that you can easily create your own tailored list of blogs to follow.

my plan is to shut down on 15.11.15. because that is such a nice set of numbers.

] update 15.10.06
ok, things are happening. the service will still most likely close, but the content might very well go on living on another site. so you bloggers out there, keep on writing, and your content might be distributed to a broader audience in the future as well.

] update 15.10.08
i am no more sure that will close after all. i have found a system, that might be able to replace my own back end software. it is not as good (of course not), but it might do the job. if i can easily switch back end solution, to something free, i might keep on running

] update 15.10.16
i have had time to do some initial tests, and researched the process of substituting oracle with alternative back end solutions. so far, tests has been positive. my plan is to start replacing the back next week, and modifying front end code. if everything goes ok, will keep living, using a simplified foreneNo engine, and a new 3rd party tool.

] update 15.10.25
and tonight i launched version 0.8 of the entire back end is replaced. no more oracle. and the service will keep living. yay! go check it out at