Friday, 3 April 2015

diy shoe tree

"shoe trees" - the latest and hottest in interior design (src).

instead of using those normal shoe shelves, i have started hanging my shoes. a lot more practical, as it is much simpler to keep clean, and you can fit more shoes in less space. different is also good, of course. so here is a "how to" on making your own "shoe trees".

as i have retired my japanese table, i used it's legs for my shoe trees. next to the four 50 cm long 10 x 10 cm beams you just need some hooks. i went for the "riktig" curtain hooks from ikea, as they do not damage your shoes, but still gives a good grip. last thing needed are some screws. super simple!

ikea's riktig curtain hooks.

some wood, some hooks and some screws. all that is needed!

screw it.


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