Friday, 17 April 2015


in january i did the handstand challenge, where my goal was doing a handstand for at least 10 seconds. i did not reach my goal in january. however, yesterday i did. finally i broke the 10 seconds mark. hundreds of attempts since i first started doing this. this did not come easy for me. i have been close to giving up several times, because i have made no progress at all for months. but suddenly, without me really knowing why, it just got a hole lot easier. automation of reflexes is the key word, i guess. i have gotten so many tips in this period. far too many. the best once were some simple tips i got from mr v (wider stand, use the fingers a lot more), next to a tip from mr pole vault coach ak. mr at (get away from the wall). my best tip to anyone else that want to learn this is also simple; don't give up! practice, practice practice, and you'll manage in the end. handstand is such a rewarding exercise.

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