Sunday, 26 April 2015


life is a game - play it!

recently i have spent a few hours on creating a new site, called StɛamChamber (aka. SteamChamber). StɛamChamber is a solution for tracking competitive match data (matchmaking) for counter strike: global offensive (cs:go / csgo).

from the page:
StɛamChamber ( is a subscription based solution where "counter-strike: global offensive" players get their competitive match statistics tracked over time. subscribing players get their own pages, where they can view stats, progress, download own stat, plus more.

check it out, at

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Friday, 17 April 2015


in january i did the handstand challenge, where my goal was doing a handstand for at least 10 seconds. i did not reach my goal in january. however, yesterday i did. finally i broke the 10 seconds mark. hundreds of attempts since i first started doing this. this did not come easy for me. i have been close to giving up several times, because i have made no progress at all for months. but suddenly, without me really knowing why, it just got a hole lot easier. automation of reflexes is the key word, i guess. i have gotten so many tips in this period. far too many. the best once were some simple tips i got from mr v (wider stand, use the fingers a lot more), next to a tip from mr pole vault coach ak. mr at (get away from the wall). my best tip to anyone else that want to learn this is also simple; don't give up! practice, practice practice, and you'll manage in the end. handstand is such a rewarding exercise.

Friday, 3 April 2015

diy shoe tree

"shoe trees" - the latest and hottest in interior design (src).

instead of using those normal shoe shelves, i have started hanging my shoes. a lot more practical, as it is much simpler to keep clean, and you can fit more shoes in less space. different is also good, of course. so here is a "how to" on making your own "shoe trees".

as i have retired my japanese table, i used it's legs for my shoe trees. next to the four 50 cm long 10 x 10 cm beams you just need some hooks. i went for the "riktig" curtain hooks from ikea, as they do not damage your shoes, but still gives a good grip. last thing needed are some screws. super simple!

ikea's riktig curtain hooks.

some wood, some hooks and some screws. all that is needed!

screw it.