Monday, 16 February 2015

what's cooking

i hate climate change. it's far too mild. guess this will become the standard, which sucks. my favourite ski slope has only been open for a couple of weeks, and with the current weather it's soon to be closed. this winter i've only had a few trips to wyller, doing carving turns on my telemark skis.

i keep trying, but can't say i've had much progress lately.

what's running?

whenever i have time. last weeks have not been very productive though. but i managed to complete another drawing

foreneNo /
development of foreneNo version 0.7 is going really slow. but i do some, now and then.

what else
- february is the clean up month. going through all my belongings, giving things away, selling things, throwing things. so rewarding.
- i got hooked on serial, and completed season one in three days.


  1. En dag sitter'n! :-) Og da står jeg klar med en ny utfordring til deg! :-)

    1. jeg håper det. men rask fremgang har jeg ikke. pokker så vanskelig for meg det der. kanskje jeg er for tung i shortsen. gir beskjed, slik at jeg kan høre hva du har på lager.


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