Monday, 26 January 2015


"santa" (src)

a few months ago i did not know the meaning of the word "vernissage". now i do.
"A vernissage (varnishing, from French) is a term used for a preview of an art exhibition, which may be private, before the formal opening. Guests may be served canapés and wine as they discuss with artists and others the works in the exhibition." (wikipedia).

i used to love drawing as a kid. however, around seven years old i stopped. then, after an approximately 30 years break, i one night made a, to me, special drawing. this led to the decision of the "draw every day challenge", in august last year. i kept drawing after august as well. some people saw this, and on the fifth of january i had my first vernissage. not at the most fancy or famous art gallery in town, but i'm pretty sure it is one of the cosiest. brekkehagen storkiosk was the place. what also feels surreal is that some of my drawings has been sold as well, for quite a decent amount of money. my drawings will be on display in the kiosk until the beginning of february.

vernissage at the kiosk in maridalen, oslo.

"poster, poster, on the door" (src).

no idea where this path, or pencil line, will lead me. but i will keep drawing as long as it is fun. and for the time being it is great fun.

dear to "take the leap" (src).

my first drawing that was sold to a total stranger - "stormy mind" (src)

below are some photos and footage from the vernissage. it was a truly memorable night. big thanks to those who has supported me. fun!

if interested, use this link to view all my drawings.

"two sausages and a drawing, please" - the art kiosk (src).

fishing line ftw (src).

people looking (src).

"mr b" aka. "mr manager" - an important friend that will not be forgotten (src).

mr b, mr me and mr v. photo by mrs ev.

mum. photo by mrs ev.


  1. Kult prosjekt det her Frode! Mange fine tegninger, håper du fortsetter med dette.

    1. tusen takk, knut. hyggelig å høre!


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