Friday, 2 January 2015

summary of 2014

"You are the universe experiencing itself " Allan Watts src

time to summarise
i believe i made my first  racesummary in 2011. which i repeated for 2012. in 2013 i made a new summary, where i added more than just race info. the year 2014 has passed, and here we go again.

highlights of 2014
first of all, it is impossible to summarise one year in a few lines of text. but to mention a few things. i remember 2014 for:
- powder skiing in japan.
- it's absolutely amazing summer.
- publishing my first book, and receiving my first pay check as an author.
- starting drawing again, after a 30+ years pause.
- not doing any races that included the greedy nfif fee.
- getting fed up up with racing in general.
- having done some very interesting challenges.
of course, there are several other things i could have mentioned. another time, maybe.

popular posts
in 2013 i wrote 196 posts. in 2014 i wrote 92. i can't be bothered sharing as much as before, so my guess is that there will be a decrease in posts for 2015 as well. as in 2013, my posts related to the ludicrous fee on running has been amongst my most popular ones. below is a top 10 list, of my most popular posts written in 2014:
01 : CherryPy - No module named wsgiserver2 (tech)
02 : Sony A7 not even close to weather-proof (tech)
03 : The Psychedelics Challenge (writing, challenge)
04 : Protestløpet - Schjong5er'n (running, licence)
05 : Grådige drittsekker? (running, licence)
06 : Maktmisbruk i idretten (running, licence)
07 : Ytringsfrihet? (running, licence)
08 : Invitasjon til Mærraølen 2014 (running, race)
09 : The Soul Sailor (writing, book)
10 : Til: Alle kommuner i Norge (running, licence)

and here is my top three posts, overall, through all times:
01 : CherryPy - No module named wsgiserver2 (tech)
02 : Bitmessage crackdown? (tech)
03 : Boycott Sentrumsløpet 2014 (running, licence)

races 2014
including srm i did 45 races in 2014. the non-srm races were (in descending order):

Skjennungstua Opp
Viking Race
Sellanrå Opp
Gressholmen Rundt
Lindøya Rundt
Langøyene Rundt
Fagervann opp
Hovedøya rundt
Vertical KM
Mont-Blanc Cross
Rett til værs
Hank Williams Minneløp
Schjong5er'n #NeiTilLisens
Coastal Trail Series Sussex
Vinterkarusellen #10

when it comes to 2015 i do not think there will be that many races at all.

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