Sunday, 20 December 2015

in the heat of africa

race #5 2015 (ex. srm) - 5 km - 21:35 [sb] - saturday 19th of december

on my way to the top - photo: bjørn johannessen /

i've soon spent one week in close distance to western sahara. on fuerteventura, the eastern-most of the "islas canarias", to be precise. the sun has been shining all day long, with temperatures stable on the comfortable side above 20 degrees. located at playitas, a sports holiday resort on the island, every day has started with a strength session at the gym, followed by a slow breakfast in the sun, mini golf or chilling by the pool with a good book, a walk or a run, some more relaxation, dinner, and bed time around 10 pm. quite a comfortable life, i have to say.

i hate focusing on negativities, but 2015 has been slightly problematic. a painful right achilles until may, motivational issues until october, and a troublesome left calf since september. just to mention a few things. i reckon i have not been running this little since 2008, or maybe even longer. so i was not sure at all if i could enjoy freedom in a pair of running shoes, while staying at "the desert island". luckily the calf seemed to have healed well, and i've completed more kilometres this week than any previous week, this year. i have done my first proper interval session of the year, the popular 6 x 870 m session with 45 second pauses. and i have logged my longest run of the year, an 11 km run. i know, it sounds amazing. i am telling you the truth though.

with such great progress there was no doubt in my mind that i was ready for a bigger challenge. so, when i heard there was an international 5 km race at the island, where i would meet top runners and triathletes from all over the globe, i did not hesitate signing up. my goal? finishing top 15! an insane goal for most normal people, after such a long period without proper training. but i am not normal. when it comes to running i am a prodigy. i have a perfect running stride, learned the hard way, as one of few selected student of mr pain. next to this i have a will of iron, cultivated by growing up in extreme conditions, in a small village on the west coast of norway. so for me, every goal i set is within reach. i knew i could do this.

just before five pm, while the sun was about to set behind the massive mountains in the horizon, i ran towards the start area of the race. it was packed with whom most people would look at as fierce competitors. i could feel the tension in the air. however, it was not my tension. i was completely relaxed, and in perfect balance. no number of world champions on the start line made any difference to me. i had no respect for them. they deserved none. to me they were nothing more than a group of average joes. not a single person i would struggle beating, if it was not for my calf injury. these were people with "limits" written in their foreheads. "limit" is a word that doesn't exist in my vocabulary. my only worry was my calf. i did not trust that my gigantic and anatomically beautifully shaped muscles in my left calf could handle the massive forces required following "mr pains way of running". high stride frequency, and high knees, hence barely touching the ground, while pushing effortless forward. i remembered mr pains words, "all is physics". he was so right, of course.

i lined up at the start, and glanced towards the turning point. the track went straight up, towards the top of the closest and steepest mountain. i could see fear in the other runners eyes, even from behind their dark and polarized expensive fashion sports sunglasses. "pathetic", i said out loud, while smiling widely. no mountain could scare a real man. by observing the so called "top athletes" by my side, i decided to crank my goals for the race even more. i decided to also go for a season's best, and a personal best on spanish soil. "easy peasy japaneasy", i said, smiling even wider. after all, i was representing japan on this glorious day just before christmas. japan, being my second home. the land of the rising sun, where i had learned advanced zen mindfulness techniques. i had fine tuned an already brilliant mind. where other see problems, i see solutions. where other feel fear, i feel excitement. that is how it is to be me. that is how it is to be a true master.

i turned around, looked at the hordes of spandex dressed people, and yelled out, "good luck, guys. you'll need it". i laughed as the start pistol went off, scaring a flock of canarian egyptian vultures, that had been relaxing on a rock high up in the mountainside.
the few runners that managed to keep up with my pace did breath heavily. annoying, as i wanted to enjoy the peace of mind that i so often find in the mountains. i considered increasing the pace, so i could run alone. but my calf held me back. i was constantly worrying that a muscle would snap, as i hurdled up the steep track.
i could feel the stifling heat from the dark volcano stone, but i did not sweat. that was not true for the other runners. the sweat formerly gushed down their faces. in a few minutes i was at the top. i stopped. i wanted to enjoy the magnificent view, that no one else seemed to notice. a marvellous game of lush colours playing just above the setting sun, in the west. i took a deep breath, before i with light and elastic steps started my return towards the bottom of the valley of darkness. i ran effortlessly, enjoying the experience. at the bottom i was met by a huge crowd of cheering people, waving with flags of all nations. i smiled at them, gave those close to me high fives, while cheering back. in no time i completed the last hundred meters. the massive digital display in the finish area did light up. "Frode Klevstul [Jap] - 21:34 - 11th place". 11, the master number. a number that represent something above and beyond the mundane. no coincidence, since i was the true winner of the race.
i had to tread carefully, avoiding stepping on the exhausted runners that had collapsed after the finish line. without hesitation i pushed through the wall of event organisers, journalists and spectators. this time i would do no signatures, no interviews. as soon as there was enough space, i once again started running. i ignored all the beautiful woman, whom tried stopping me. they said my name, in the most sensual way possible. they franticly tried touching my body, a body that would make a greek god feel like a couch potato. i kept going. in great speed i ran back where i had come from, towards the top of the mountain. this time i wanted to be alone, to feel the calmness of the mountain, and the serenity of mother earth.

mother earth says goodnight.

the true winner being number 11.

this report might have been slightly influenced by the book i'm reading at the moment.

you can view photos from my trip here.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

wyller life

back in 2013 and 2014 i recorded some footage from wyllerløypa in oslo, norway. with my recent discovery of the brilliant and free open source editor shotcut i have finally manage to make a little film. a film that most likely is utterly boring to most people. here it is:

Friday, 4 December 2015

autostereograms ftw

in my youth i had several autostereograms posters on my wall. i was fascinated by the concept. today i discovered an awesome autostereogram music video, from last year. crisp and clear 3d images, if you know how to view it. do pause the video in the beginning, if needed, to see the third dot. otherwise you'll see nothing but static. by the way, here is a crossed-eye version, if you prefer that technique.

below a couple of still images as well, made by 3dimka, with nice 3d effects:

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

NoCountryRedirect (NCR)

No Country Redirect (NCR) - Chrome extension (logo design by

ncr - the end to google redirects
This extension makes sure you'll stay on the .com pages for and This is done by adding the No Country Redirect (NCR) tag for those URLs. In other words it prevents you from automatically being redirected from or to a country code top level domain (ccTLD) like '', '' or what have you got.

download extension
chrome webstore

view the code
bugs / feature requests

blog posts and articles
2016.02 : - boost from boobs
2014.09 : - NCR and the right to be forgotten
2013.08 : - Extension review
2012.08 : - release post

Sunday, 1 November 2015

in between torches

the final sognsvann rundt medsols in between torches, srm #436 (src).

my srm number 184
last wednesday was the final srm race of the 2015 season, and the last srm race with torches, ever. next year there will be street lights all the way around sognsvann. personally i reckon this is sad. without street lights you have a choice. if you want to move around the lake in the dark, you can wear a headlight if you prefer. with street lights there is no choice. the gravel road will be lit for everyone, either you like it or not. and why moving the edge of the city even further into marka? swimming in the lake a late summer night will not be the same any more. neither will walking around the lake a winter night, in moonshine, listening to the wings of the crows flapping in the cold air. or laying on the pier, watching the stars. will the next step of "adaptation" be replacing the gravel with asphalt?

it seems unreal to me that it is as much as seven years since i did my first srm race. since that late october night in 2008 i have done in total 184 races around the lake i love. seven years sounds heaps more than it feels. i remember my first race as it was yesterday. strangely i do not feel any older at all. maybe i never will. i do notice that my body is getting older though. and i have learned a thing or two, since back then. i've had my "downs and ups" ("ups and downs" sounds less positive). i have come to realise that life is not very long after all. even if dying of old age. and that is by far no guarantee. time passes faster, and faster, and faster.

it is simple to waste time on things that feels meaningless. specially in a society constructed so that work and consumption becomes the main activities for as many as possible. as well, it's so easy to spend much energy thinking of past events, and planning for tomorrow. despite that you will never live in the past, nor in the future. the only time you live is right here, right now. not that you should completely forget about yesterday, nor avoid thinking of tomorrow. but despite it sounding like a cliché, doing the most out this very moment is what counts, in the end.

last year i started getting fed up by running. now i know that it was not running itself i was tired of. it was mere the mania related to the activity. crasy as it sounds, i did not manage to run without logging every step i made. i was obsessed with time and statistics. i constantly wanted to run faster, and set new personal bests. running went from a fun and healthy activity, to a sport not as free as i wanted it to be. because when i can't run without a watch, then something is wrong, in my book at least.

the result for me was to throw away my gadgets, do heaps less races (srm is to me more a social event than a race, luckily), and run only when i wanted to, instead of when "i had to". if i feel like doing intervals i do. if not, no worries. maybe i run slowly instead, or not run at all. as a result of this approach i've become slow compared to the 2014 version of me. does it matter? not to me. why should everything in life be a competition, even against yourself? as long as i can run, i am happy. because just being able to run is far from any matter of course.

despite of little running this season, i have had some injuries. i had achilles problems from end of the 2014 season until may. then, in september, i got problems with my calf. first i thought it was cramps. i was wrong, and the pain lasted. so finally being able to do another srm this wednesday, with absolutely no pain at all, was wonderful. because done the right way, running is medicine.

what else

i am used to having some injuries, and feeling pain. lately there has been more than usual though. i've got my calf, as mentioned above. a have a troublesome shoulder, an annoying thumb, and my back that seldom lets me down when it comes to giving me pain. overall these are minor issues in the big picture. i am able to run, and do what i want. that is what matters.

i've done bouldering once a week, for a year. great exercise, very social, good fun. just started doing two bouldering sessions a week. not sure if that is doable without getting injured. i'll find out.

nature - move - create
being on holidays i realised that the keywords for my life should be:
nature - move - create
to be happy i need to be close to nature. i need to be able to move. and i need to be able to be creative. next to this friends and family are important, and i need to play and have fun.

talking about playing and having fun, tis-100 is brilliant.

and related to being creative, i keep drawing, and have sold several works. some are put on display in offices in oslo. seems unreal.

new challenge
during my holidays i decided to only eat meat twice a week. why? due to the environment, and the way we raise animals for food.

after three weeks in asia it is nice being home. first time i have felt like that. is getting older a reason?

i went to a nightclub in oslo recently. first time in years. i had forgotten all about life in these places. so a very interesting experience. like being in a zoo, only missing attenborough's voice over.
i was pretty close to shutting down instead i created a new version, that is heaps cheaper to run, and easier to maintain. hence it will go on living.
i have developed a new site, called

my ncr extension for chrome is kept up to day, and currently has more than 6400 users.
not made by me, but i have a new favoruite web site, by the way, do a "view source" of the page, as well. wonderful.

car sold
talking about cars, i did sell my car this summer. so far i have not regretted it at all.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

tw-notes #1

notes from a foreign country. some might be wrong, some might be prejudice. these are nothing but my personal and hence subjective observations.

these are mainly notes from taipei, as i spent most of my time there.


there are a lot of them. and i do mean a lot.

there are a lot of them. and they are cheap.

there are a lot of them.

places to eat
there are a lot of them. and the food is really good.

juice bars
there are a lot of them. you can chose amount of ice and sugar. and if you chose less ice you get more juice.

people are really friendly and helpful.

wide streets
the streets are wide.

night markets
is a great concept.

people seem very alive, and quite happy.

it is easy to see that taiwan is heavily influenced by japan, next to china.

the sinks are mounted too low, if you are 180 cm tall.

everyone takes selfies, everywhere.

kånken bags from fjällräven are popular.

seems to be the land of love. there are couples everywhere, and there is love everywhere.

when you buy something to drink, in a bottle, in a cup, in whatever have you got, you do get a straw.

metro stations has heaps of exits. 10 seems to be a common number. and all exits / entrances are above street level / they are built up.

it feels safe.

drivers seems to have little respect for ambulances.

thank you
you can come far with only knowing the phrase "shjie-shjie" (xie xie), which means "thank you". with "ni hao" (good day), you can even come a bit further.  and if you add "zaijian" (goodbye) to your vocabulary you can feel like an native. or, almost.

the family seems to take care of the elders themselves. instead of outsourcing care like what is done in the western world.

j-notes #6

notes from a foreign country. some might be wrong, some might be prejudice. these are nothing but my personal and hence subjective observations.

view: | part 1part 2part 3part 4part 5 |


it is perfectly normal to smoke in restaurants, while eating.

when it rains everyone uses an umbrella, even if they do wear a rain coat as well.

station toilets
even at the train stations in tokyo the toilets are quite clean.

dog poo trea
there is a tree with fruits that smell like dog poo.

walking backwards
i have mentioned people walking backwards. this time i was told they do it to prevent alzheimer, to stay sharp.

road maintenance
when there is road maintenance it seems like there are more people navigating the traffic, than actually doing the maintenance of the road.

old people
there are a lot of old people working in japan.

kids on bike
it is perfectly normal to have several of your kids, on your bike, in chairs, when cycling.

the only people wearing cycling helmets seems to be those who exercise on road bikes.

all cables seems to be going in the air, instead of in the ground.

in tokyo there is a lot of sounds, quite loud as well.

everyone seems to be occupied at all times, mainly with their phones. even when they are walking.

line is the number one app for keeping in touch.

kånken bags from fjällräven are popular.

the moomintrolls are popular.

matresses are hard.

Monday, 5 October 2015

the end of

sitting in a small hotel room, in taipei, taiwan and writing this. well, it doesn't actually matter at all where i am, but the case is that since i am on holidays i have had some time on my hands to think of what to do with, or the foreneNo engine to be more precise.

my initial plan was to keep developing the service. i have done some progress on version 0.7 (v 0.6 is currently live), but due to other projects the development has been slow. very slow. i have to admit that i have not been too motivated to keep updating the service either. the problem i have been working on has been hard to solve (auto freeing and resizing the temporary tablespace for the rdbms - tech stuff, i know, zzzz...), so it has been more fun doing other tasks.

i could keep the service running as it is today. after all, it is working fine. despite some minimal manual work is needed now and then. though, i do not like manual work, that can be avoided. however, running the service also do cost unnecessary much money. due to the technology platform i chose. i build it on oracle. technology i did love. and technology i wanted to stay updated on. so i looked at this project as a personal investment, as well as it being nice to give a handy service to people.

oracle has recently become the main reason for why i have decided to end the development of foreneNo, and shut down to put it short, it was oracle's chief officer's statement from august that made me certain that i do not want anything to do with that company. from mary ann davidson's wiki page:
"In August 2015, Davidson published a blog post criticizing engineers who use static analysis tools to find and report potential vulnerabilities in Oracle software.[5] Articles about her post soon appeared on technology news sites, where comments were extremely critical of its content and tone.[6][7] The post was subsequently removed."

i could re-build the service from scratch, using another back-end technology. but that would take a lot of time. time that i do not see the value in spending. the number of users of has declined, and has recently been less than 50 per day. sorry, but just not enough for me to spend my spare time on this project.

not the huge number of visitors that i had hoped for.

if you are one of those few final 50 persons that still do use, i recommend taking a look at for example, or other alternatives. with tools like that you can easily create your own tailored list of blogs to follow.

my plan is to shut down on 15.11.15. because that is such a nice set of numbers.

] update 15.10.06
ok, things are happening. the service will still most likely close, but the content might very well go on living on another site. so you bloggers out there, keep on writing, and your content might be distributed to a broader audience in the future as well.

] update 15.10.08
i am no more sure that will close after all. i have found a system, that might be able to replace my own back end software. it is not as good (of course not), but it might do the job. if i can easily switch back end solution, to something free, i might keep on running

] update 15.10.16
i have had time to do some initial tests, and researched the process of substituting oracle with alternative back end solutions. so far, tests has been positive. my plan is to start replacing the back next week, and modifying front end code. if everything goes ok, will keep living, using a simplified foreneNo engine, and a new 3rd party tool.

] update 15.10.25
and tonight i launched version 0.8 of the entire back end is replaced. no more oracle. and the service will keep living. yay! go check it out at

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Our Addiction to Control is Enslaving Us

repost of a short piece, by chris agnos, that in my world, everyone would read and understand the meaning of:


the desire to control everything in the universe!

Is there a belief about the Universe or about ourselves that causes all of the conflict in the world?

As a sustainability philosopher and social engineer, I spend much of my time contemplating the root of our unsustainable culture and civilisation. I believe that war, ecocide, and extreme inequality all result from the felt experience of separation from the Universe and everything else in it. Whether or not you have felt this experience of separation depends on your answer to the question, “Who are you?” Are you a separate individual in a Universe which is separate from you as well? Or are you the sum total of all of your experiences and relationships to the Universe, making the Universe an inseparable part of who you are?

If you feel separate from a purposeless, objective, and deterministic Universe, then you are likely to experience life from a perspective of fear. You probably believe that nothing else in the Universe cares whether you exist or not and it is up to you alone to ensure your own survival. Everything else in the Universe is also doing their best to ensure their own survival and what results is a world where survival belongs to the fittest. This is the default world-view of modern society that is reinforced by our government, culture, media, school, medicine, sports, religion, and every other major institution of our time.

Stemming from this fear and the belief in a separate self is the desire to protect ourselves by controlling the external, perceived-to-be-hostile world, which is a perfectly logical and rational belief given the ideology of separation.

We are addicted to control

We control and dominate our fellow animals – our brothers and sisters – mostly to meet human desires. We destroy our forests – the lungs of our planet – to make room for our controlled animals to graze. We attempt to control human behaviour through a system of laws backed by punishment, even prohibiting under threat of imprisonment what people can put inside their own bodies. It is hoped that by controlling human genes, we will finally have the tools to eradicate disease, to engineer pest and drought resistant monocultures, and possibly even to design the physical and emotional features of your future children. Would you like a child with brown or blue eyes? All of these attempts to control the world we call “progress.” Left unsaid is the subject of this particular progress which is our quest to control the Universe.

the article continues on

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Friday, 31 July 2015

gressholmen rundt 2015

race #4 2015 (ex. srm) - 3.7 km - 18:42 - thursday 30th of july

the final island, of the island races.

this brilliant race i have done in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and now in 2015 as well. as i have stopped using many words, you can instead check out the photos from the event clicking this link.

(note to self: nest time, do bring caps and yellow glasses, to protect head and eyes from branches)

the race is a travel in itself. running on a scenic island.

click the image above, and you shall see many photos.

| srm article | kondis article | photo album |

video made by knut øderud:

and a few short clips:

Friday, 24 July 2015

lindøya rundt 2015

race #3 2015 (ex. srm) - 3.2 km - 13:14 - thursday 23rd of july

someone said it has been a crappy summer. not at lindøya, at least.

the pictures says it all, so check out all my photos from the event clicking this link.

my boat is loaded with... runners!

team sk vidar aka. lindøen il, for the win.

and guess what will happen if you click this image? yes, it takes you to the album as well!

| photo album | 2014 report | srm article | kondis article |

on every island, when there is a race there is a swim, lindøya was no exception:

Thursday, 16 July 2015

langøyene rundt 2015

race #2 2015 (excluding srm) - 3.2 km - 13:34 - thursday 16th of july

if you ever see someone running at langøyene, you know it is a thursday, and it will take a whole year before that phenomenon can be observed again.

another beautiful thursday in july. another island race in the oslo fjord. this time at langøyene. won't write much, as i have done more proper race reports in 20122013 and 2014. it was another brilliant thursday though, just in case you did wonder.

check out my photos from the event by clicking this link.

link to article | link to article | photo album |

click the picture, and you will see an album full of photos.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

hovedøya rundt 2015

race #1 2015 (excluding srm) - 3.2 km - 15:22 - thursday 9th of july

new of the year, boats leaving from aker brygge, instead of vippetangen.

i'm not running much this year, compared with earlier seasons. and when it comes to competitions i have more or less stopped, unless for srm though. initially i considered skipping my favourite set of races as well, the island races. luckily i did not do that.

hovedøya rundt is the first of four island races in oslo. it was brilliant this year, as earlier years. for more info please do read my reports from 2012, 2013 and 2014.

for photos from the event, check out this link.
for the kondis article, check out this link.

click the photo to jump to the flickr album.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

storing data

i have been on the search for a good storage system for all my files, for years. then i mean all my files. 800 GB is the current size of my digital file cabinet. these files are part old archived files, and new active files. in here are photos, videos, programs, project files and what have you got. stuff that i would really hate to lose.

finally i have come up with a solution that seems good, for storing such a massive (relatively, at least) amount of data, that i still need access to. i guess many would look at this as overkill. that again, this is my style.

the hard drives
as i have a stationary pc, i bought two extra internal 2 tb hard drives. i mounted them, and created one drive running a software raid 0. hence i got one mirrored 2 tb drive on my computer, so that i get all data stored on two drives. nice, in case if one drive fails.

the cloud
then i bought more storage for my google apps account, giving me a total of 1 tb "cloud space". i did set up google drive sync on my local machine, with the location folder conveniently located on my new 2 tb drive. the result, my data not only stored on two mirrored local drives, but also in the cloud.

the backup
if that was not enough, i also did set up a backup solution, crashplan is my choice, to automatically backup my new 2 tb drive. the result, the data, next to being on two mirrored drive, and in the google cloud, also being backed up to a second cloud service provider.

locations, locations, locations
my important data is now saved locally on two hard drives, and externally with two different cloud providers. if i lose my local machine, i am still ok. if google deletes my files, it will be deleted locally as well, as these files are synced. but then i have the backup solution. if my local machine gets affected by cryptlocker, or another ransomware, the encrypted files will replace my original files. but with my backup solution, and google drive, i can view old versions of my files.

the manual backup
we are not done yet. to be even a tad safer, once a month i manually connect a external mirrored raid 0 hard drive, to my machine, and copy over the entire file archive. as soon as the job is done, i disconnect the drive. hence, in case of a ransomware attack, where i by some strange reason is unavailable to restore my files from the cloud providers, i have at the maximum, a one month old copy of all my files. restoring from a local hard drive would is alsi very efficient, compared with restoring loads of data from the cloud. manual work like this i am no fan of. but extra security comes at a cost.

having your files stored on different locations means more places and ways for people to access your private content. so a good idea is to encrypt everything before syncing to the cloud. that do mean inconvenience though. i have realised that if the right people want to access my digital files, there is nothing i can do. hence i am not bothering with own encryption of all my data. the cloud service are encrypting on their own, but you can't really rely on this.

i am thinking of moving really old files, that no longer is in use, to another archive, that do not have to be online at all times. like amazon glacier. for simplicity i have not done this yet.

Thursday, 14 May 2015


Holy Hummingbird Print src: Rachel @ PaintMyWorldRainbow

another playlist in the SoulSailor series is ready. more than 6 hours of chilling psybient electronic tunes, delivered to your ears, through spotify. enjoy!

name:   SoulSailor.six
uri:    spotify:user:klevstul:playlist:5Sqvr1ZpVM3ayEPdWQPKVA
songs:  59
length: 6 hr 10 min

Playlist as of 14th of May 2015:
Abfahrt Hinwil - Links Berge Rechts Seen - Tech8
Abfahrt Hinwil - Links Berge Rechts Seen - Tech7
Abfahrt Hinwil - Programm 2 - Triology
Astrix - Artcore - Beyond The Senses
Astronaut Ape - Planet Meditation 2 - Sakura
Carbon Based Lifeforms - Ease Division 3 - Endospore
Christian Löffler - Young Alaska - Young Alaska
Clubroot - III - MMXII - 'Murmur Interlude'
Day Din - A Place To Be Real - Dance With Me
Day Din & Alfredo Garcia - Sync Yourself - Twin Peak
Desert Dwellers - Anahata Yoga Dub - Peaceful Om's
Desert Dwellers - Anahata Yoga Dub - Union - Groove Mix
Desert Dwellers - DownTemple Dub: Remixed - Lotus Heart - (Kalya Scintilla Remix)
Desert Dwellers - Recalibrated Vol. 1 - Misty Mountain - Solar Lion Remix
Dubba Jonny - UKF Bass Culture 2 - Always
The Future Sound Of London - Accelerator Deluxe - Papua New Guinea
The Future Sound Of London - Environment Five - Point of Departure
The Future Sound Of London - From The Archives Volume 1 (Enhanced Edition) - Lizzard Crawl
Gaiana - Fahrenheit Project Part Seven - Silenzio delle Sirene - Album Edit
H.U.V.A. Network - Ephemeris - .Blank
Holmes Ives - Tetrasomia - Phusis
Hybrid Minds - UKF Bass Culture 2 - Lost
ID3 - Hummingbird - Hummingbird
Juno Reactor - The Golden Sun of the Great East - Shine
Juno Reactor - The Golden Sun of the Great East - To Byculla
Juno Reactor - Labyrinth - Angels And Men
Kalya Scintilla - Open Ancient Eyes - Yatram
Kalya Scintilla - Open Ancient Eyes - The Calling
Medicine Drum - Original Face - Seralem
Nordlight - A Deep Dive - Silk & Roses
Nordlight - A Deep Dive - Feel Yourself
Nordlight - A Deep Dive - Little Spark
Nordlight - A Deep Dive - Smoke & Mirrors - Nordlight Remix
Nordlight - A Deep Dive - Interlude
Nordlight - A Deep Dive - For You My Love
Nordlight - A Deep Dive - Glitch Desire
Nordlight - A Deep Dive - Lost In Translation
Nordlight - A Deep Dive - My 2nd Wish
Nordlight - Sync Yourself - Eyjafjallajokekull
Ozric Tentacles - Spirals in Hyperspace - Psychic Chasm
Random Rab - The Elucidation of Sorrow - The Riddle
Sascha Funke - Mango - Take A Chance With Me
Side Liner - Dreams in Stereo - Once Upon a Time (Zero Cult Remix) - Zero Cult Remix
Slackbaba - Ask - Fortean Thieves - Original Mix
Slackbaba - Psymeditation 2 - Drink More Tea - Herbal Mix
Solar Fields - Blue Moon Station - Confusion Illusion
T.S.R. - GTCHI97 [1997] - GTCHI1
Tipper - Forward Escape - Portal Spillage
Tipper - Forward Escape - Dreamsters
Tipper - Forward Escape - Homage Sliders
Tipper - Forward Escape - Gulch
Tipper - Forward Escape - Life Raft for a Death Trip
Vibrasphere - A Deep Dive - Tierra Azul - Nordlight Remix
Younger Brother - The Last Days Of Gravity - All I Want
Younger Brother - The Last Days Of Gravity - Sleepwalker Part 1
Younger Brother - The Last Days Of Gravity - Sleepwalker Part 2
Younger Brother - Vaccine - Sys 700
Zymosis - Between Two Points - She
Zymosis - Between Two Points - Quiet Sadness

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Sunday, 26 April 2015


life is a game - play it!

recently i have spent a few hours on creating a new site, called StɛamChamber (aka. SteamChamber). StɛamChamber is a solution for tracking competitive match data (matchmaking) for counter strike: global offensive (cs:go / csgo).

from the page:
StɛamChamber ( is a subscription based solution where "counter-strike: global offensive" players get their competitive match statistics tracked over time. subscribing players get their own pages, where they can view stats, progress, download own stat, plus more.

check it out, at

keywords: csgo match tracker / stat tracker / statistics tracking / matchmaking statistics solution / mming stats / stats saver / store match data / cs csgo stat solution / match result service / mm stat / mming tracking /

Friday, 17 April 2015


in january i did the handstand challenge, where my goal was doing a handstand for at least 10 seconds. i did not reach my goal in january. however, yesterday i did. finally i broke the 10 seconds mark. hundreds of attempts since i first started doing this. this did not come easy for me. i have been close to giving up several times, because i have made no progress at all for months. but suddenly, without me really knowing why, it just got a hole lot easier. automation of reflexes is the key word, i guess. i have gotten so many tips in this period. far too many. the best once were some simple tips i got from mr v (wider stand, use the fingers a lot more), next to a tip from mr pole vault coach ak. mr at (get away from the wall). my best tip to anyone else that want to learn this is also simple; don't give up! practice, practice practice, and you'll manage in the end. handstand is such a rewarding exercise.

Friday, 3 April 2015

diy shoe tree

"shoe trees" - the latest and hottest in interior design (src).

instead of using those normal shoe shelves, i have started hanging my shoes. a lot more practical, as it is much simpler to keep clean, and you can fit more shoes in less space. different is also good, of course. so here is a "how to" on making your own "shoe trees".

as i have retired my japanese table, i used it's legs for my shoe trees. next to the four 50 cm long 10 x 10 cm beams you just need some hooks. i went for the "riktig" curtain hooks from ikea, as they do not damage your shoes, but still gives a good grip. last thing needed are some screws. super simple!

ikea's riktig curtain hooks.

some wood, some hooks and some screws. all that is needed!

screw it.


Monday, 16 February 2015

what's cooking

i hate climate change. it's far too mild. guess this will become the standard, which sucks. my favourite ski slope has only been open for a couple of weeks, and with the current weather it's soon to be closed. this winter i've only had a few trips to wyller, doing carving turns on my telemark skis.

i keep trying, but can't say i've had much progress lately.

what's running?

whenever i have time. last weeks have not been very productive though. but i managed to complete another drawing

foreneNo /
development of foreneNo version 0.7 is going really slow. but i do some, now and then.

what else
- february is the clean up month. going through all my belongings, giving things away, selling things, throwing things. so rewarding.
- i got hooked on serial, and completed season one in three days.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

the handstand challenge

moch - challenge #19 january 2015 - the handstand challenge

the concept was easy, the task was hard. the goal in january was to learn how to do handstand, and i wanted to do it for a minimum of 10 seconds. after four weeks i managed to stand for about two seconds. far from my goal. however, i plan to keep practising until i reach the 10 seconds mark. below are some videos showing the progress.

video one, week one:

video two, week two:

video three, week three:

video four, week four:

bonus video, with guest circus artists:

more challenges
to view a complete list of all my challenges, check out this page.

Monday, 26 January 2015


"santa" (src)

a few months ago i did not know the meaning of the word "vernissage". now i do.
"A vernissage (varnishing, from French) is a term used for a preview of an art exhibition, which may be private, before the formal opening. Guests may be served canapés and wine as they discuss with artists and others the works in the exhibition." (wikipedia).

i used to love drawing as a kid. however, around seven years old i stopped. then, after an approximately 30 years break, i one night made a, to me, special drawing. this led to the decision of the "draw every day challenge", in august last year. i kept drawing after august as well. some people saw this, and on the fifth of january i had my first vernissage. not at the most fancy or famous art gallery in town, but i'm pretty sure it is one of the cosiest. brekkehagen storkiosk was the place. what also feels surreal is that some of my drawings has been sold as well, for quite a decent amount of money. my drawings will be on display in the kiosk until the beginning of february.

vernissage at the kiosk in maridalen, oslo.

"poster, poster, on the door" (src).

no idea where this path, or pencil line, will lead me. but i will keep drawing as long as it is fun. and for the time being it is great fun.

dear to "take the leap" (src).

my first drawing that was sold to a total stranger - "stormy mind" (src)

below are some photos and footage from the vernissage. it was a truly memorable night. big thanks to those who has supported me. fun!

if interested, use this link to view all my drawings.

"two sausages and a drawing, please" - the art kiosk (src).

fishing line ftw (src).

people looking (src).

"mr b" aka. "mr manager" - an important friend that will not be forgotten (src).

mr b, mr me and mr v. photo by mrs ev.

mum. photo by mrs ev.

Friday, 2 January 2015

summary of 2014

"You are the universe experiencing itself " Allan Watts src

time to summarise
i believe i made my first  racesummary in 2011. which i repeated for 2012. in 2013 i made a new summary, where i added more than just race info. the year 2014 has passed, and here we go again.

highlights of 2014
first of all, it is impossible to summarise one year in a few lines of text. but to mention a few things. i remember 2014 for:
- powder skiing in japan.
- it's absolutely amazing summer.
- publishing my first book, and receiving my first pay check as an author.
- starting drawing again, after a 30+ years pause.
- not doing any races that included the greedy nfif fee.
- getting fed up up with racing in general.
- having done some very interesting challenges.
of course, there are several other things i could have mentioned. another time, maybe.

popular posts
in 2013 i wrote 196 posts. in 2014 i wrote 92. i can't be bothered sharing as much as before, so my guess is that there will be a decrease in posts for 2015 as well. as in 2013, my posts related to the ludicrous fee on running has been amongst my most popular ones. below is a top 10 list, of my most popular posts written in 2014:
01 : CherryPy - No module named wsgiserver2 (tech)
02 : Sony A7 not even close to weather-proof (tech)
03 : The Psychedelics Challenge (writing, challenge)
04 : Protestløpet - Schjong5er'n (running, licence)
05 : Grådige drittsekker? (running, licence)
06 : Maktmisbruk i idretten (running, licence)
07 : Ytringsfrihet? (running, licence)
08 : Invitasjon til Mærraølen 2014 (running, race)
09 : The Soul Sailor (writing, book)
10 : Til: Alle kommuner i Norge (running, licence)

and here is my top three posts, overall, through all times:
01 : CherryPy - No module named wsgiserver2 (tech)
02 : Bitmessage crackdown? (tech)
03 : Boycott Sentrumsløpet 2014 (running, licence)

races 2014
including srm i did 45 races in 2014. the non-srm races were (in descending order):

Skjennungstua Opp
Viking Race
Sellanrå Opp
Gressholmen Rundt
Lindøya Rundt
Langøyene Rundt
Fagervann opp
Hovedøya rundt
Vertical KM
Mont-Blanc Cross
Rett til værs
Hank Williams Minneløp
Schjong5er'n #NeiTilLisens
Coastal Trail Series Sussex
Vinterkarusellen #10

when it comes to 2015 i do not think there will be that many races at all.