Saturday, 6 December 2014


sognvann, a beautiful place, to run or walk (src).

two, one, zero
zero, the number of kilometres i ran last week. the week before the number was one, and two weeks before the number was two. i stated this autumn that i was sick and tired of running. right now i miss it. specially the nice runs in the forest. it's often when you lose something, that you start appreciating what you had.

2014 was completely without any injuries, until skjennungstua opp. that night my left achilles got slightly painful (darn those s-lab sense ultra, in combination with running back down after dinner). next up came hytteplanmila followed by a long, wet and cold sunday run. these runs did not "heal my hurts". every time i ran, my achilles got worse. so i started running less, and less. last week i was down to zero meters. i won't run before my achilles has completely healed. hopefully not too far in the future, otherwise next year's major event will be far fetched. below, a video from the 2013 version of the race i hope to complete next summer.

what else
- i have reached silver iv in cs:go (yeah, more time on my hands).
- listening to astralseeker's psychill Set - dreamachine (more in same genre).
- completed 14 sessions of yoga.
- started climbing with my brothers, as a weekly activity. great fun.
- i have an exhibition coming up in january. yay.
- just realised i have my own page, with my friends at norges friidrettsforbund.

"take the leap" (src).

just found this page, with "utøverstatistikk", from the "old" days.

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