Sunday, 28 December 2014

label cleanup #2


deleted labels:
Dangerous morningsThe Sea of DeathIron Horse.

Sushi with BerntsenTom yum - in pictures.

Epic Privacy BrowserSQRLBitmessage crackdown?Added security 7 : Bitmessage1984 vs 2013Added Security 6 : Secure mail servicesAdded Security 5 : Encrypting emailsAdded Security 4Added Security part 3, BankID - the hackers best friend, The Perfect CandidateAdded Security part 2, Added Security.
earlier i wrote some posts with the title "added security". i wrote about how you, as an end user, could stay more secure online. today i look at true online security as an illusion. that is why i deleted this label. i still believe that you can find useful information regarding security, in posts like "EPIC Online Guide to Practical Privacy Tools". on the other hand, news articles with titles like "Unngå å bli overvåket på nett" (avoid online surveillance) is very misleading. if the right people wants to keep you under surveillance, you will most likely not be able to avoid it.

considered discontinued:

previous label cleanups:
label cleanup #1

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