Sunday, 28 December 2014


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Another SoulSailor playlist is ready. Enjoy.

name:   SoulSailor.five
uri:    spotify:user:klevstul:playlist:6MqRghwYrWD2fod2OuZ2Yd
songs:  50
length: 6 hr 17 min

Playlist as of 28th of December 2014:
Asura – V.A.N.T.A.
Asura – Crossroads Limiter
Booka Shade – Love Inc.
Chronos – Soaring in Abyss
Digital Mystery Tour – 010 Seti 101
Digital Mystery Tour – Saute Mouton Syndrome
E-Mantra – Nocturne (DJ Zen's Special Version)
Entheogenic – Pagan Dream Machine - Vibrasphere Remix
Erot – Eclipse (Suduaya Remix)
Frank Wiedemann – Howling - Âme Remix
Galaxy – Everlasting Tone
H.U.V.A. Network – Distances
ID3 – Hummingbird
Kick Bong – Incense
Kick Bong – Live in One Dream 2
Koan – Matariki
Koan – Hanblicheya - Blue Mix
Lab's Cloud – In Deepest
Lab's Cloud – Evolving Natural Forms
Lab's Cloud – Dani's Guitar
Lab's Cloud – Raining Over the Sun
M-Seven – Shift
Maluns – E.S. Presso
Maluns – Electronic Basil
Maluns – Unfolding Reality
Massive Attack – Paradise Circus - Gui Boratto Remix
Metaform – Crush
Ott – Squirrel and Biscuits
Phaeleh – Afterglow
Phutureprimitive – Luminous (feat Alyssa Palmer) - Original Mix
Reasonandu – Peaceful Heart
Shen – Embrace
Shpongle – Dreamcatcher - Original Mix
Side Liner – Every Morning You Are My Faith
SiebZehn – Solar System
SiebZehn – Sacred Communication
SiebZehn – Winter Harmonies
SiebZehn – Fleur De La Nuit
SiebZehn – Endless Reflections
Sleeping Forest – Rise of Nature
Solar Fields – Discovering
Suduaya – Sweetness
The Sundial – Mystical Weather
SYGNALS – Homo Imperceptibilis
Sync24 – Everything will be ok
Sync24 – Memloop
Sync24 – Cryptobiosis
Sync24 – Biota
Terra Nine – No Return (Ott Remix)
Vibrasphere – Erosion

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label cleanup #2


deleted labels:
Dangerous morningsThe Sea of DeathIron Horse.

Sushi with BerntsenTom yum - in pictures.

Epic Privacy BrowserSQRLBitmessage crackdown?Added security 7 : Bitmessage1984 vs 2013Added Security 6 : Secure mail servicesAdded Security 5 : Encrypting emailsAdded Security 4Added Security part 3, BankID - the hackers best friend, The Perfect CandidateAdded Security part 2, Added Security.
earlier i wrote some posts with the title "added security". i wrote about how you, as an end user, could stay more secure online. today i look at true online security as an illusion. that is why i deleted this label. i still believe that you can find useful information regarding security, in posts like "EPIC Online Guide to Practical Privacy Tools". on the other hand, news articles with titles like "Unngå å bli overvåket på nett" (avoid online surveillance) is very misleading. if the right people wants to keep you under surveillance, you will most likely not be able to avoid it.

considered discontinued:

previous label cleanups:
label cleanup #1

Saturday, 6 December 2014


sognvann, a beautiful place, to run or walk (src).

two, one, zero
zero, the number of kilometres i ran last week. the week before the number was one, and two weeks before the number was two. i stated this autumn that i was sick and tired of running. right now i miss it. specially the nice runs in the forest. it's often when you lose something, that you start appreciating what you had.

2014 was completely without any injuries, until skjennungstua opp. that night my left achilles got slightly painful (darn those s-lab sense ultra, in combination with running back down after dinner). next up came hytteplanmila followed by a long, wet and cold sunday run. these runs did not "heal my hurts". every time i ran, my achilles got worse. so i started running less, and less. last week i was down to zero meters. i won't run before my achilles has completely healed. hopefully not too far in the future, otherwise next year's major event will be far fetched. below, a video from the 2013 version of the race i hope to complete next summer.

what else
- i have reached silver iv in cs:go (yeah, more time on my hands).
- listening to astralseeker's psychill Set - dreamachine (more in same genre).
- completed 14 sessions of yoga.
- started climbing with my brothers, as a weekly activity. great fun.
- i have an exhibition coming up in january. yay.
- just realised i have my own page, with my friends at norges friidrettsforbund.

"take the leap" (src).

just found this page, with "utøverstatistikk", from the "old" days.