Monday, 17 November 2014

setting up a mumble server

this is a howto on setting up a mumble chat server (murmurd), on debian linux.

following the mumble installation guide.

- log in as root
klevstul@klevstul:~$ su

- update packages on server
root@klevstul:/home/klevstul# apt-get update

- install mumble server
root@klevstul:/home/klevstul# apt-get install mumble-server

- configure : step one
root@klevstul:/home/klevstul# dpkg-reconfigure mumble-server

- configure : step two
root@klevstul:/home/klevstul# nano /etc/mumble-server.ini

updated parameters:
registerName=RipHard Mumble Server

added parameter:

- restart server
root@klevstul:/home/klevstul# /etc/init.d/mumble-server restart

- login as SuperUser
using Mumble client

- add channels
right click server name > add

- add user as admin (ref)
right click root channel, chose "edit"
click groups
select admin group
type in username, under "members"
click ok

- connect as normal end user
register a new user by creating a new connection, using the client

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