Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Skjennungstua Opp 2014

Race #40 2014 - 5.7 km - 28:52 - Tuesday 7th of October

For once the sun was nowhere to be seen, prior, during or after this race. (src)

Skjennungstua Opp is one of the best races on my calendar. A brilliant event, that everyone that are able to, should try at least once. Loads of prizes, wonderful food, very social, and a nice track. Specially running down from Skjennungstua after the event can be magical, even in rain. A huge thanks to "Team SRM" for making this possible.

I ran more than a minute slower this year than last. Not sure why, I ran as fast as I could. I always do. I have tried thinking of reasons why. There might be many, like being in worse shape (maybe doing about 30 km a week has started paying off), starting too slow, becoming too passive, not being in the pain-is-fun-mode, being in out-of-competition-mode, being in winter-hibernation-mode. Only speculations. One thing is for sure thought, if I want to run faster the best thing I can do is to run more. Too bad I am lazy, and that the winter season is coming up. Time for even less runs, gaining weight (and hopefully strength as well), and loads of telemark skiing.

I have signed up for Hytteplanmila, as my last race of the season, except for SRM that is. Right now I don't even know if I can be bothered to participate. Having said that, that as well is a very social event. And the wheat rolls are always tempting, at least if you have not ran "too" fast, which seems not likely becoming an issue for me.

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