Saturday, 18 October 2014

Hytteplanmila 2014

Race #43 2014 - 10 km - 40:26 - Saturday 18th of October

hytteplanmila 2014, a brilliant event. 5 out of 5 on the score card.

i ended up racing, despite for not feeling like it prior to the event. glad i joined though, as hytteplanmila is a brilliant event. perfectly organised, and very social. a big thanks to the organisers!

i hoped that sub 40 was within reach, despite not being in my best shape. after 1 km i understood it would be tough, after 5 km i understood it was far fetched. finished in 40:26, my slowest 10 km at hytteplanmila, ever. far behind my last race there. running little is really paying off. highly recommended for achieving an instant decrease in performance. i am 100% sure that i have not reached my potential though. i know it is possible for me to run much much slower. having said that, just a few years back running 10 km that close to 40 minutes seemed utopian for me. it's easy to forget that just being able to run 10 km, is far from obvious. so after all i should be very satisfied. and 40-something is just a number. too many runners, at least in norway, are too focused on the finish time. that goes for myself as well.

i'll do the last two srm races, then i'm definitively done with the race season 2014. including srm i've already done 43 races this year. not bad, but actually four years since i've done that few races. in general i've lost motivation for racing. i have to give the imbecile licence on running much of the honour for that.

as i have more or less stopped logging my runs, i am not sure how much i've ran lately.  i assume it is as little as 20 - 30 km a week. with the winter coming up i know it might soon be sub 20 km a week. then i more or less have to start from scratch next spring. just the way i like it.

in 2015 i hope there will be a trip to the alps with my brothers. except for that i have absolutely no goals nor plans when it comes to running. i have no idea if i will run even less than this year, or start running more again. i'll do whatever that i feel like, what is fun. only time will show.

and now it can start snowing. a lot! because my skis, and me, are ready for hitting the slopes, and the snowy mountainsides.

after all, these are just numbers.

not even sub 40 up the last hill was within reach this year.

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