Wednesday, 10 September 2014

NoCountryRedirect and the right to be forgotten

NCR - prevent that redirect!

With the stupid right-to-be-forgotten privacy rule EU has introduced (yes, it is stupid, because it does not work. If interested read this as well.) Google are forced to remove links if people or companies complain. Hence it is more relevant than ever to use as your search engine, instead of a country specific version, like That is because is (still) not censored, while and other EU specific domains are.

But what you as a user might have noticed is that you are automatically transferred to if in Germany, ig in Spain, if in France and what have you got. If you are using Google Chrome there is a simple way to prevent or avoid getting redirected to country-specific versions / domains of Google (if not using Chrome you can visit instead of just

The nifty solution is an extension called NoCountryRedirect (NCR).

I made the extension back in 2012, and today I published a new version of it, with some bug fixes and a new feature called "whitelisting". As the time of writing there are about 1500 users. Enough for me to keep the extension up-to-date. The extension also disables redirects for Google blogs, or Blogger / blogs, if you want it to do so.

The extension was featured in last year, so you can read more about it there.

Download and install the NoCountryRedirect (NCR) extension here.


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