Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Gaupekollen opp 2014

Race #35 2014 - 3.2 km - 21:46 - Tuesday 9th of September

Sindre decided to join on very short notice, and not surprisingly won the race. I did not care being beaten by him nor Mr LG (src).

Gaupekollen opp is a great hill race, by team SRM. Personally this is the track I like the most. Starts easy, at least three wide roads / paths where you can run past people, and varied terrain. The great view from the top doesn't make the experience any worse. Nor do all the great people participating.

I started off slow and controlled. It felt hard at first, but the longer I ran the better it felt. Overall a nice feeling. Not at all as tiring as some of my previous hill races. Having said that, climbing hills are never easy.

Ran slower than last year (21:18), but I can at least blame a few seconds on the slippery slope. Last year I finished 26th, this year 23rd.

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