Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Let Go Challenge

MoCh - Challenge #15 July 2014 - The Let Go Challenge

Back in June I made a list of what to do during "The Let Go Challenge". Did I follow the list? Nope, I did let go of the original Let Go Challenge as well. I did some parts, and skipped other parts. I messed up my list, and some of my systems. The challenge went well, in other words. To make a list of what I did do, and what I did not, would beat the purpose of this challenge. And quite frankly I can't be bothered either. What I can do though, is to present a screenshot of my training log for July. For some races I logged as before, for many runs I did not log at all. I was "free", and ran without any gadgets. Lovely feeling. For the main part of the few runs I did log, I did not bother to update the log with info on what I did. I no longer do have a perfect system with overview over all my runs. I like it this way.

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