Friday, 15 August 2014

Gulltørst (1950's)

This is not a film that I made myself. But I got hold of an old VHS copy of it, digitised it, added some text posters, some sound effects and some music, and made it available online. Why I did this? Because it is shot in Sauda, where I grew up, and because my dad is one of the main characters, the indian. This film was made back in the 1950's, by Bernt Maldal.

When:  1950's
Movie: Gulltørst
Desc:  An old western movie, with it's origin from Sauda, Norway
With:  Egil Carr, Petter Skagen, Arnvid Lillehammer, Olav Dahl-Olsen, Kristen Bakka, Per Norgaard, Kjell Arne Isaksen, Jon Ove Johnsen, John Dahl-Olsen and Einar Klevstul. Filmed by Bernt Maldal.
Info:  (13:42) (352x288) (358 kb/sec) (36.8 MB) (Marty Robbins, Roy Rogers, The Virigian Theme, Johnny Cash, Ventures, Johnny Guitar)

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