Friday, 1 August 2014

Afterski in Hemsedal (2002)

Back in 2001 or 2002 I got myself a Sony DCR-IP7BT video camera, recording on the hopeless MicroMV format. The camera was super small, back in a time when "handy cams" not at was handy compared to today's GoPro. The original recording has been converted several times, from the original .mmv format, and the picture quality in this version is as good as the content: crap shit. Anyways, here is my now 12 years old home movie, with the original name "Afterski in Hemsedal". All shot in Hemsedal, Norway, where I used to spend every weekend as long as there was any snow. I do admit it though, that by looking at this film it doesn't look like the skiing was the reason for me visiting Hemsedal. But sometimes pictures do lie, right? That aside, enjoy the show. Well, actually I reckon you will not enjoy it, but it is a piece of history, at least in my life.

When:  Sometime winter 2002
Where: Hemsedal, Norway
Movie: "Afterski in Hemsedal" aka. "Afterski1"
Desc: Afterski at Hemsedal
With: Ellen, Svein, Pål, Helge "Roger", Hans Erland, Frode ++ 
Info: (2:16) (320x240) (275 kb/sec) (4.5 MB) (Rammstein - Du Hast)

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