Thursday, 17 July 2014

Sony A7 not even close to weather-proof


End of last year I got myself the great Sony A7 camera, aka. the ILCE-7. In different reviews online I had read that: : “…uncompressed HDMI output, weather sealing and a low price…

Imaging Resource : “Weather-sealing / cold-proofing. Although it doesn’t provide a count for the number of seals, Sony describes the A7R’s magnesium-alloy body as both dust and moisture-resistant.

Steve Huff : “The camera is also weather sealed :)

DP Review : “Weather-proof alloy and composite body

Guess what, the camera is not even close to weather proof or moisture resistance. I used it to shoot some photos during Mont-Blanc Marathon an early moist morning. It did not take long before the camera started malfunctioning. The upper scroll wheel on the back started living it's own life. As a result I had to repair the camera,which costed me 1235 Norwegian kr, or 200 USD at the time of writing.

I'm far from the only one that has done the mistake of trusting the advertising. Check out this blog post as well.

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