Sunday, 29 June 2014

Vertical KM & Mont-Blanc Cross 2014

Two races in two days in the French Alps. Below is a log of the events.

Most of the days the weather has been like this. Not bad, not bad at all.

Vertical KM
Race #15 2014 - 3.5 km - 52:31 [debut] - Friday 27th of June

View from the top of the KMV (src).

The Vertical KM (also called the Kilometre Vertical or the KMV) is a lovely event, with loads and loads of people cheering all the way along the track. 1000 vertical meters in 3.5 km running means quite a steep track. I ran the first 200 vertical meters, the next 800 was covered by mainly walking. It gets slightly airy towards the top of the track, which also includes some via ferrata elements. There were 400 runners on the start line. The weather was great as it was mainly cloudy when I ran / walked, and not too warm.

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Mont-Blanc Cross
Race #16 2014 - 24 km - 3:06:57 - Saturday 28th of June

The Norwegians in the lead, or at least it looks that way on the picture (photo: Gerard Cornelissen).

Approaching the finish line (photo: Sharon Broadwell).

As last year I did the Mont-Blanc Cross (also called the Cross de Mont-Blanc, or the CM). This year the weather was perfect. Cloudy and 13 degrees when we started at 07:30, and clouds covered the sun for almost the entire race. 1500 runners started on the 23-24 km trail in the beautiful mountains surrounding the city of Chamonix. The race went very well for about 17 km. After that I ran out of energy and had to slow down the intensity. That aside, it was another marvellous event, with great spectators along the way. If you give a bit of yourself to those who cheer you'll get it back ten fold. I love racing in France.

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More Photos
To view more photos from the trip click here.


  1. Fytti den vertikalen er så sjukt bratt! Spørs om jeg ikke må prøve den neste år..... ;-)

    1. ja, den må prøves. får vel ta tre konkurranser på tre dager i 2015.


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