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The Meditation Challenge

MoCh - Challenge #13 May 2014 - The Meditation Challenge

A peaceful mind is like a beautiful sunset, I think (src).

The Definition
First of all, meditation is a wide term. I can for example get into a meditative state when running slowly in the forest, when getting into a "runner's high", or when skiing deep powder. A state where I just am, live right here and now, and not think of what has been or what is to come. However, in this challenge I defined meditation as being completely relaxed, both body and mind, and being in a state where I think of nothing but my own breath. It might sound easy, but it is not. Controlling your own mind is hard without practice, like most things.

The Challenge
As stated before I have decided to travel inwards. Hence I did the meditation challenge in May. I tried keeping it as simple as possible. For at least 15 minutes every day I was to lay down on the floor, listen to very soothing music, and think of nothing but my breath. Not too different from "The Do Nothing Challenge". I chose to lay down instead of sitting, to ease the relaxing process. The problem with laying down is that sleep comes fast.

I have made a playlist out of the music I did listen to (except for the songs I found too noisy). If you care, check out "SoulSailor.deepTravel" on Spotify:

Below I've written down the different dates and times I meditated, along with the music I listened to. For each time I meditated I made a short playlist, consisting of a few songs, lasting 15 minutes or longer. I meditated for the duration of this playlist. There are some brief, unedited, notes as well, of what I experienced. Some weirder (!) than others. Whatever came to me, came to me. Don't ask me how or why. I am sure there are a lot of explanations to this.

Before this challenge I had tried meditating twice. The very first time I had several "visuals" (saw a ring, a flower and a white light), the second absolutely nothing happened. In the beginning of this challenge I had many visuals as well, but in the end I mainly fell asleep. What was interesting though is that I not even once slept longer than the time I had decided to meditate.

Overall a truly rewarding month.

The Days

1st of May @ 23:40

Win Bent – Tidbit
Zero Ohms – The Present Perfect Tense of Being

laying down - music on speakers - a bit too late at night, but managed without falling asleep. my mind drifted away several times, and it was a couple of times as i was dreaming. saw some people with some tickets for going into a lecturing hall. very very relaxing.

slept extremely heavy the following night. was totally wasted when i woke up by the alarm, after almost 8 hours of sleep.

2nd of May @ 23:30

Between Interval – Eden in Shadows
Between Interval – Three Years Ago
Between Interval – Minotaur's Lair (a bit loud / uncomfortable noises)

listened to music through headphones instead of speakers.

saw a light up to the left. i was floating over an ocean, then i start spinning. there was an electric saw, that was turned off. i touched it. i saw a male bold face in yellow light (the day after, when looking at myself in the mirror i realised it was me).  saw a girl, and i asked her "who are you?", she answered "hvem er jeg?" (who am i, in norwegian).

the area in between my solar plexus and my belly button was very tense.

slept very heavy once more. almost 9 hours.

3rd of May @ 21:15

Advida – Forest Temple
Between Interval – The Great Void (too noisy)
Lingua Lustra – Monochromatic

did 25 min instead of 15.

relaxed really well. tense solar plexus area (below solar plexus, above naval) like a band going around from side to side of my body.

less visual. saw a white light. i started spinning, first one way, then it turned back and forth.

did not sleep that well this night. due to having to get up early, i think.

4th of May @  2300

Patch – isot
Patch – lichen
Patch – ebb
Between Interval – Delta Capricorni

took a bit longer to relax this time. smell of wet paint from sideboard was slightly irritating, and felt like coughing. slime in throat is stressful. hard to breath properly and relaxed. has been like this all days.

saw very dark windows across the street (fb 5). saw a woman that i look up at, that came with a big cake in front of her. almost cartoonish.

did not sleep well. most likely due to going to bed too late, and having to get up too early.

the day after, being outside my apartment block, i saw the exact same thing as in my meditation. i looked at the build across the streets, and the windows looked really dark even in broad daylight.

5th of May @ 2210

Patch – krill
Patch – intrans
Patch – calve
Al Gromer Khan – A Strange Kind of Peace
Al Gromer Khan – The Processing

28 min instead of 15.

too tired. fell asleep a few times.

6th of May @ 2235

Patch – krill
Patch – intrans
Patch – calve

stressful mind. tired. almost fell asleep. no visuals. not relaxing as deep.

7th of May @ 1950

Al Gromer Khan – A Strange Kind of Peace
Al Gromer Khan – The Processing
Al Gromer Khan – Shafaq (a bit noisy)

didn't fall asleep, but almost. too tired. relaxed, but no visuals.

8th of May

far too tired. didnt even try to meditate.

9th of May @ 2300

Patch – intrans
Win Bent – Tidbit
Lemon Grass – Moonwalk
MIKTEK – Time or Place (really nice)

not much visuals, but towards the end i started spinning again. i saw some waves of lights (not very clear), moving. relaxed quite well.

10th of May @ 1940

managed to relax quite well.
visuals: neli waiting, bucket, sewing machine, glimpse of fb5-9 from above, and saw fb6 from street.

MIKTEK – Magnificient Desolation
Ishq – Alaya

11th of May @ 2025

MIKTEK – Song of the Burning Mountain (noisy, but worked)
MIKTEK – Abismo 2.0
MIKTEK – Human Theory

think i was lucid dreaming. saw a roof, being built. and that i should tell people (my sister?) not to go on the roof. got the feeling than that i could not control other's lives. this felt more like dreaming than meditation. ok then, i was quite tired from a late night and a long run as well.

the day after, on the subway i saw roof with plastic on roof, but white instead of black. almost exactly the same as in the meditation. i might have seen this before, without having realised. i don't know.

12th of May @ 22:45

MIKTEK – False Dawn
Between Interval – Delta Capricorni
Patch – Subartica

very nice music! the most visual travel so far. very cool. light started moving with the music from the start. saw some squares with different colours inside. saw someone's throat being slitted (!), something spinning, again. bubbling stuff (water, lava?). colours red and yellow. sky full of stars. laid for another 10 minutes after the music stop. in the end everything turned white.

13th of May @ 21:25

Patch – Subartica
Al Gromer Khan – Air Silence
AES DANA – Signs

fell asleep

14th of May @ 22:00

Carbon Based Lifeforms – Transmission/Intermission
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Betula Pendula

nice music. tired. closer to sleeping than meditating.

15th of May

out travelling, no meditation.

16th of May

too tired from travelling.

17th of May @ 17:00

Ambient Music Therapy (Deep Sleep, Meditation, Spa, Healing, Relaxation) – Orbiting Chimes for Deep Sleep
Carbon Based Lifeforms – 20 Minutes
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Held together by gravity

carbon based is awesome music for meditation as well!

took a few minutes before i relaxed, but when i did it was great. felt some type of transition towards the end. both feeling in body and sound changed a bit. nice. a few visuals, but not many.

18th of May @ 20:20

Brian Eno – Signals - 2005 Digital Remaster
Patch – lichen (nice!)
Ambient Music Therapy (Deep Sleep, Meditation, Spa, Healing, Relaxation) – Orbiting Chimes for Deep Sleep
Brian Eno – Stars - 2005 Digital Remaster

relaxing music!

relaxed quite well once more. close to falling asleep. as if i began to dream several times, about running in the forest, about runners.no, ended with "en gang til?" "nei, nå holder det".

19th of May 2300

T.S.R. – Afterglow
Connect.Ohm – Time to Time by Time

tired, fell asleep again.

20th of May @ 22:25

Patch – Subarctica
T.S.R. – Picnic in the levitating park
Connect.Ohm – Winter Sorrows

felt stresset at the start. took some time before i relaxed. felt some pain / tightness at the right side of my tummy. when i relaxed i fell asleep. woke up by my left leg kicking real hard. had a short period of time with some light wave and turning visuals. then i fell asleep again.

21st of May  @ 20:55

Ishq – Alaya
Carbon Based Lifeforms – VLA - (edit)

another time when i fell asleep. which happened truly fast this time.

22nd of May

got too late, skipped meditation.

23rd of May @ 21:05

Carbon Based Lifeforms – Somewhere in Russia
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Inertia

and once again i fell asleep within a couple of minutes or so.

24th of May

skipped it. no time.

25th of May @ 16:40

Sync24 – Replicant
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Marauders
Carbon Based Lifeforms – RCA (+)
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Marauders
Carbon Based Lifeforms – System
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Arecibo

40 minutes! went in an out of a state of sleeping and awake but very relaxed, several times. body felt almost paralysed afterwards. took a couple of minutes before i once again could move my fingers freely. body felt very heavy. towards the end: right ankle was painful, and head was pushing hard down on the surface. felt truly relaxed afterwards.

26th of May @ 22:25

Hybrid Leisureland – Trampoline Hotel (a bit stressful at the beginning)
Lars Leonhard – Lost in Space

relaxed quite well, but i went back to thinking of an annoyance several times. not many visuals. but at the very end i saw a girl at the beach, that was about to get caught by the tide that was rising. but the last song contained sound of waves, so not that strange!

27th of May @ 20:50

krill.minima – Wie Die Wolken Zieht Auch Der Tag Vorbei (nice song)
MIKTEK – Elephants
Lars Leonhard – Slow Motion

fell asleep, again. the interesting part: i've so far always woken up as soon as the music ends / the meditation ends.

28th of May @ 22:45

MIKTEK – Drone Flower
Hybrid Leisureland – Trampoline Hotel
Lars Leonhard – Lost in Space

guess what. i fell asleep.

29th of May @ 21:25

Hybrid Leisureland – Strawberry Planetarium
Mera – Quasi-Stellar
36 – Seance
Mera – Aeolis Mons

28 min.

very relaxing. almost fell asleep a couple of times (woke up by twitches). maybe i slept a bit as well. saw a hand in front of me (stopping me?), very clear. that was about it when it came to visuals.

other observations: loud tinnitus, some pain (convulsive ) / tightness down down right tummy (appendix area).

30th of May @  21:50

Solar Fields – Combination - On/Off edit
Mahiane – Spathe
Circular – Complex A
Scann-Tec – Phaeton Remains

24 min.

fell asleep, and woke up as soon as the music ended, again.

observation: stiff back.

31st of May @ 23:50

Carbon Based Lifeforms – 20 Minutes
Carbon Based Lifeforms – RCA (+)
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Marauders

20 min.

on the last day i decided to sit, instead of laying down. this lead to me managing to stay awake (but only almost).

nice trip. very relaxing, but neck got painful. saw some water, saw a lot of flowers and trees (went to botanical garden today, so not strange at all), saw a wedding ring full of flowers (bouquet of flowers held together by ring).

slept very well and heavily the following night.

To view a complete list of all challenges, check out this page.

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