Monday, 16 June 2014

The Magus of Strovolos


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Clippings / Quotes
Had no clippings as I didn't use my Kindle. However, below are some of my favourite quotes.

"If you stick to logic you cannot go very far."

"What is Life in reality other than receiving impressions and interpreting them."

"Nothing, absolutely nothing, has any value in this world of the three dimensions if it does not also have value within us."

"When we begin to listen to our inner self we are on the right path."

"It is the Law that whatever element we project will eventually return to us."

"When you train yourself to concentrate you will become aware of much more in your life."

"There is nothing more misleading than the five senses."

"Unless a person seeks change himself you cannot help him."

"The material world with all its torments and imperfections is beautiful!"

"There are only etheric vibrations that offer us the impression of colours. Colour is also sound, light, movement and a number of other things."

"Unless you master thought you cannot accomplish nothing."

"Without concentration you cannot achieve anything in this life, period."

"Evil is ignorance."

"Mind has power over matter."

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