Thursday, 19 June 2014



A very soothing playlist, for the deeper and more relaxed sessions.

name:   SoulSailor.deepTravel
uri:    spotify:user:klevstul:playlist:10azdRRJ7BO2e2xDc6zfaj
songs:  64
length: 7 hr 42 min

Playlist as of 19th of June 2014:
36 – Seance
Advida – Forest Temple
AES DANA – Signs
Al Gromer Khan – A Strange Kind of Peace
Al Gromer Khan – Air Silence
Ambient Music Therapy (Deep Sleep, Meditation, Spa, Healing, Relaxation) – Orbiting Chimes for Deep Sleep
Between Interval – Three Years Ago
Between Interval – Eden in Shadows
Between Interval – Delta Capricorni
Binaural Beats Brain Waves Isochronic Tones Brain Wave Entrainment – Delta Waves for Deep Healing Sleep
Biosphere – Chukhung
Brian Eno – Signals - 2005 Digital Remaster
Brian Eno – Stars - 2005 Digital Remaster
Carbon Based Lifeforms – 20 Minutes
Carbon Based Lifeforms – RCA (+)
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Marauders
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Arecibo
Carbon Based Lifeforms – System
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Somewhere in Russia
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Inertia
Carbon Based Lifeforms – VLA - (edit)
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Held together by gravity
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Transmission/Intermission
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Betula Pendula
Circular – Deeper - live edit
Circular – Complex A
Connect.Ohm – Time to Time by Time
Connect.Ohm – Winter Sorrows
Evan Bartholomew – We Set Out Into the Caverns of Time
Hybrid Leisureland – Trampoline Hotel
Hybrid Leisureland – Strawberry Planetarium
Ishq – Alaya
krill.minima – Wie Die Wolken Zieht Auch Der Tag Vorbei
Lars Leonhard – Lost in Space
Lars Leonhard – Slow Motion
Lemon Grass – Moonwalk
Lingua Lustra – Monochromatic
Mahiane – Spathe
Mera – Aeolis Mons
Mera – Quasi-Stellar
MIKTEK – False Dawn
MIKTEK – Elephants
MIKTEK – Human Theory
MIKTEK – Abismo 2.0
MIKTEK – Song of the Burning Mountain
MIKTEK – Magnificient Desolation
MIKTEK – Time or Place
MIKTEK – Drone Flower
Ólafur Arnalds – Frá upphafi
Patch – Subarctica
Patch – Subarctica
Patch – calve
Patch – intrans
Patch – krill
Patch – ebb
Patch – isot
Patch – lichen
Scann-Tec – Phaeton Remains
Solar Fields – Combination - On/Off edit
Sync24 – Replicant
T.S.R. – Picnic in the levitating park
T.S.R. – Afterglow
Win Bent – Tidbit
Zero Ohms – The Present Perfect Tense of Being

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