Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Rett til værs 2014

Race #14 2014 - 4 km - 25:42 [debut] - Tuesday 3rd of June

Photo: Lasse Wilhelmsen, Kondis (src).

I started optimistic. Too bad for me the track was 4 km instead of 3 km. It felt as if I did hit the wall, or a very steep hill. The latter being true. The last km was horrible painful. I had to walk a lot. But I truly felt alive, where I fought my way to the top at Mellomkollen. So did about 100 others. The weather was brilliant, and the event was perfectly organised. Along with great people this is another day that I will remember. Darn I'm glad that I did discover the fun of running back in 2008.

Perfect shoes for dry conditions, going uphill (src).

This race is the first of five races in the Maridalen hill race cup. From before I had done race #3 Sellanrå opp 2013, #4 Gaupekollen opp 2013 and #5 Skjennungstua opp 2012 and Skjennungstua opp 2013.

I really liked today's track. We had about 1.6 km of gravel road before the trail started. Hence you have enough time to find your place in the line, before the tough part starts. The trail was nice, and as always it is great getting to the top after having worked so hard.

On my way to the top I saw other people that do like to write about running. Siri was there, LPL were there, Andreas was there, Team Includia were there.

What Else
- I have bought my most expensive, but best dune ever, at ullkorga.no (no, this is no sponsored ad, I paid 2200 kr, yikes!).
- I have found a source of great music at ultimae.bandcamp.com.
- I still have not started planning Mærraølen, but I will, soonish...
- Development of foreneNo v0.6 has stopped, due to great weather.

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