Thursday, 19 June 2014

Red House Hill

The view from the top at the Red House Hill.

Many Names
One of the running sessions I do the most frequently is intervals at the "Red House Hill" track aka "Kioskbakken" aka "From Bridge to House" aka "Bridge House". Yes, this hill has almost as many names as I have done intervals there, and I have done a few hundred. The track is located in close proximity to Sognsvann. The Red House Hill track is interesting, as it consists of several parts, described in the pictures below.

Time and Distance
From the bottom at the bridge, to the top at the red house the distance is about 300 meters. If you're in good shape you'll get your ass below 60 seconds, however below 70 seconds can be hard as well. So far I have not heard about anyone gotten below 50, but it should be doable for the fastest guys in town.

You can do this session in different ways. You can run both up and down, which gives you a more aerobic training session. Or you can do it the Mr Pain way, which means walking down (four to five minutes pauses) and full speed on each interval. 10 intervals for the win, by the way. And it was actually Mr Pain who introduced me to this track, hence it could be called "Hill of Pain" as well.

Good Sessions
Once I manage to get all intervals below 70 seconds. That was the magnificent day 29th of July 2014:
Times: 1:08.3 - 1:06.0 - 1:05.7 - 1:06.2 - 1:04.6 - 1:05.5 - 1:05.9 - 1:03.4 - 1:03.4 - 1:00.4

Once I managed to get below 60 seconds twice. That happened on the glorious day 23rd of September 2013:
Times: 1:16.1 - 1:13.1 - 1:09.5 - 1:08.5 - 1:07.1 - 1:07.4 - 1:05.0 - 1:05.0 - 58.8 - 59.6

Rumours says that Mr V has done all 10 intervals in less than 65 seconds. I say that you should not trust rumours.

Personal Best
My personal best up the hill is 58.7 sec ( 17th October 2013). My season's best 2014 is 58.8 (7th of April 2014).

Rumours has it that Mr V's PB is low 57 seconds. I fear that it might be right as well. Darn.


Start line
The line marks the start of the interval. It is neither before or after this point you start. This is no art, this is exact science!

To make it clear, this is the start line. And yes, it do matter. This is serious business!

The Curve
"The Curve" is the first part of the Red House Hill track. Push hard from start! Get up and through that first curve as quickly as possible.

The Flow
"The Flow" is the second part. This is a level part of the track, so you must "fly" here without getting too tired.

The Pain
At the end of "The Flow" you see a tree with the red and blue paint. It marks the transition into hell, or "The Pain". This third part is where the lactic acid comes, and the pain starts. From here it gets steeper, and you have to work hard. If Mr Pain is around this is the part you will see him as well.

The Mental
Where the Red House Hill track merges with two other roads "The Mental" part starts. The fourth part is the steepest part, and getting to the top in style is all mental.

The Mental is tough, and the last meters are the steepest. So keep pushing even harder when you have come this far.

Do not give up before you reach the top. Seeing this there are still several meters to go. The hill is not over before it's over, and there should be no fat lady singing at this point.

The Finish Line
Drawing the finish line is also exact science. Details are important, so pay attention where it is. It's when you cross this you stop your watch. Not before, not after.

The finish line is from the left door frame ...

... and to the middle tree as shown here. This is a good deal when finishing next to each other as the closer to the tree then won't have to run any longer.

What Are You Waiting For?
Go out and conquer the Red House Hill.


  1. This is da shit! Dette er jo en klassikerøkt! Når jeg løper bakkedrag så er det denne bakken jeg løper - og jeg digger den!! Og i denne bakken så er det kun en ting som gjelder for meg: allin! Dessverre løper jeg denne økta alt for sjeldent men jeg får prøve å klemme inn denne økta en gang nå snart.... for dette er virkelig en kanonbra økt!

    1. hell yeah, this is the shit. ja, digger denne bakken selv. kioskbakken er med å forme selve grunnmuren i min fantastiske løpsform (hehe). forsøker å få til denne økten en gang i uken, så lenge det er fritt for snø.

  2. pease of cake

    1. jummy


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