Monday, 23 June 2014

Climbing Mountains

via ferrata de curalla, passy (src).

i'm back in chamonix, climbing mountains. arrived three nights ago, with my brothers, mr rg and mr lg. will do some races in the mont blanc marathon.

this is chamonix. steep! our trip on the second day. 30 km, almost 1800 vertical meters and almost 5 hr moving time.

on the first day we ran through the 10 km race.

on the second day we did the 23 26 km mont-blanc cross track, plus the vertical km the other way around (going down).

today we tested out via ferrata for the first time. a great and to me challenging experience.

on friday my plan is to do the vertical km race, and i have also signed up for the mont-blanc cross the day after. not sure if i will do both races though.

disclaimer: i'm fully aware of writing this in only lower case letters. the reason being that i right now was too lazy to hold down the shift key while typing. i blame it on the thin air.

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