Sunday, 11 May 2014

If Norway was a Guy


If Norway was a guy I am quite sure it would have been a rich, good looking and well articulated person. A person being interested in the important things in life, and being political correct. I'm pretty sure Norway would have been a person liking to giving speeches, and being quite good at it as well.

If there had been a meeting about the environment I think Norway would have entered the podium first. He would have talked about how important it was for everyone to take measurements for saving the planet. He would have told everyone how they all should drive less, consume less and eat differently.

If there had been a fight going on at a street corner, with a lot of people watching, Norway would have walked up asking a few people for assistance for stopping the fight. Afterwards he would have told everyone how important it is being friends, be understanding and show compassion and love towards other people. Even towards your own enemies.

People would have liked Norway. He would have been every mother-in-law's dream guy. However, if you paid attention you might have gotten the feeling that something was not quite right about him. You might have felt that he was not completely the guy he presented himself as being. He would have seemed almost too perfect. You would have gotten suspicious. Maybe you would have started scrutinising his actions in more details, from a distance. At first you would have felt bad for doing this, as spying on such a good guy is something you should not do.

On the other hand, by watching Norway when he thought he was alone you would have learned to know him in a new way. You would have seen that Norway, "the environmentalist", was pissing in the river and throwing garbage in the forest. You would have seen that Norway, "the peace keeper", was selling home made weapons to the guys that he a few days earlier had stopped from fighting. You would see that Norway, the rich kid, made expensive deals with the biggest bullies in town, so that he himself stayed out of trouble. You would have seen that Norway was a two faced, spineless, fake, cowardly and manipulative guy.

If Norway was a guy it would not have been a good guy.

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