Sunday, 25 May 2014

Hank Williams Minneløp 2014

Race #12 2014 - 5km - 20:09 - Saturday 24th of May

Hank Williams 1923 - 1953 (src).

Low on price, high on atmosphere! "Hank Williams Minneløp" was a great event about an hour's drive from Oslo. Well organised and good fun. Not the fastest 5 km track, but definitively one of the nicest I've done. Slightly hectic at the beginning of the race, due to around 370 people behind the start line. Next year it might be an idea to split up in several smaller heats / groups.

This was of course a licence free event (I don't do any licence based races), where all the profit is given directly to the local community (not to a huge company, which some people very wrongly states). Before this year's even the organisers has given away about 170.000 kr (src). Not bad at all!

Finished just above 20 minutes. Satisfied? Yes, I am, despite that being a lot slower compared with my times from last year. Because time is far from everything. I'm satisfied because I could run with good friends. Because it was a very nice run and I had a good feeling along the way. The sun was shining, people were cheering and Hank was playing (which was great, even out in the nature).

Magical! (src)

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