Thursday, 29 May 2014

SRM #386

Race #13 2014 - 9774m - 39:11 [PB] - Wednesday 28th of May

Mr Me, with the key to success? (photo: Arne Dombestein / Team Includia)

Chasing Better Results
Today was the 142nd time I did Sognsvann Rundt Medsols (twice I've raced under different names). If I'm not wrong it's the 30th time I've done three rounds. You can state that doing SRM has become a habit. To cut the crap and get the point: I did set a new PB on the three round today. 39:11 is my new personal best and I'm very satisfied with the time (39:27 was the old PB from last July). I don't have ambitions for running any faster. If it happens it happens, if not, so what? Where I am in life I can not see the point of constantly chasing better results. That quickly turns into an obsession more than a healthy hobby. I try not to run more than 40-ish kilometres on an average this time of year. In winter it is much less. Too much of one thing is never good, and too much running only leads to getting injured, and having less time for other fun stuff. Now I try to enjoy my runs, either as a social event or a nice time for myself, instead of being too focused on either results or kilometres.

Some people will notice that I am contradicting myself here. Having done 142 races around Sognsvann in a few years and doing about 50 races a year seems quite obsessive, right? OK then, maybe I am on the edge, trying not to fall down into the hole. Or maybe I have fallen into the hole, trying to get out again.

SRM #386 male x3.

My PSs.

Development on the SRM x3, from 2009 till today.

The key to Success?
Here is a list of things that I do believe did lead to a new PB on today's race.

- Osteopathy this morning, stretching and getting better movement (second time I have done this, and last time it helped a lot as well).
- Slept on my balcony, in the sun, before the race (so nice).
- Didn't eat too much prior to the race (I still screw up now and then, eating too close to race start).
- Monday's session felt heavy and became slow, and Tuesday's session was light, hence I was quite rested.
- The weather was warm, but not too warm (ah, I love summer).
- Some wind, but not too much.
- Light shoes (Japan ftw).
- Positive thinking before and during the race (I knew this was a good day for running fast).
- Great cheering and support along the way (thanks peeps).

What Else
- I've discovered and tested the site for synchronising training data in between different services (Garmin, Strava, RunKeeper, SportTracks, Training Peaks, Dropbox). Works quite well.
- I came up with the quote:
"The more you dig, the more shit you find. It's like wiping your own ass while having diarrhoea."
- I'm working on foreneNo version 0.6.
- I've written a short story.
- I've seen Firefly, and loved it.
- I will soon start planning the race Mærraølen 2014.
- I've given up my goal of becoming the world leader.

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Altered State

I spend a fair bit of time searching for music and creating playlists. There is one song that from the first time I heard it quickly became a favourite. Despite of being from 2008 this song was completely new to me, and it will forever remind me of 2014. The song is:

Altered State (album Edit) by Asura
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Wonderfully brilliant. You need to play this quite loud on good speakers or with great headphones. And there is another trick you can do for achieving the best possible mind blowing listening experience ever.

Adam Scott Miller's Akashic (source).

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Hank Williams Minneløp 2014

Race #12 2014 - 5km - 20:09 - Saturday 24th of May

Hank Williams 1923 - 1953 (src).

Low on price, high on atmosphere! "Hank Williams Minneløp" was a great event about an hour's drive from Oslo. Well organised and good fun. Not the fastest 5 km track, but definitively one of the nicest I've done. Slightly hectic at the beginning of the race, due to around 370 people behind the start line. Next year it might be an idea to split up in several smaller heats / groups.

This was of course a licence free event (I don't do any licence based races), where all the profit is given directly to the local community (not to a huge company, which some people very wrongly states). Before this year's even the organisers has given away about 170.000 kr (src). Not bad at all!

Finished just above 20 minutes. Satisfied? Yes, I am, despite that being a lot slower compared with my times from last year. Because time is far from everything. I'm satisfied because I could run with good friends. Because it was a very nice run and I had a good feeling along the way. The sun was shining, people were cheering and Hank was playing (which was great, even out in the nature).

Magical! (src)

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Sunday, 11 May 2014

If Norway was a Guy


If Norway was a guy I am quite sure it would have been a rich, good looking and well articulated person. A person being interested in the important things in life, and being political correct. I'm pretty sure Norway would have been a person liking to giving speeches, and being quite good at it as well.

If there had been a meeting about the environment I think Norway would have entered the podium first. He would have talked about how important it was for everyone to take measurements for saving the planet. He would have told everyone how they all should drive less, consume less and eat differently.

If there had been a fight going on at a street corner, with a lot of people watching, Norway would have walked up asking a few people for assistance for stopping the fight. Afterwards he would have told everyone how important it is being friends, be understanding and show compassion and love towards other people. Even towards your own enemies.

People would have liked Norway. He would have been every mother-in-law's dream guy. However, if you paid attention you might have gotten the feeling that something was not quite right about him. You might have felt that he was not completely the guy he presented himself as being. He would have seemed almost too perfect. You would have gotten suspicious. Maybe you would have started scrutinising his actions in more details, from a distance. At first you would have felt bad for doing this, as spying on such a good guy is something you should not do.

On the other hand, by watching Norway when he thought he was alone you would have learned to know him in a new way. You would have seen that Norway, "the environmentalist", was pissing in the river and throwing garbage in the forest. You would have seen that Norway, "the peace keeper", was selling home made weapons to the guys that he a few days earlier had stopped from fighting. You would see that Norway, the rich kid, made expensive deals with the biggest bullies in town, so that he himself stayed out of trouble. You would have seen that Norway was a two faced, spineless, fake, cowardly and manipulative guy.

If Norway was a guy it would not have been a good guy.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Schjong5er'n #NeiTilLisens

Race #8 2014 - 5km - 19:48 [SB] - Sunday 4th of May

#NeiTilLisens (src).

Søndag 4. mai var det endelig duket for Schjong5er'n, selveste protestløpet mot NFIF sin mosjonsskatt.

Idylliske omgivelser (src).

Med knallgod service fra SoulSport rakk vi også å trykke opp 15 knallgule #NeiTilLisens-protesttrøyer. Trøyene ble veldig godt mottatt, og lyste opp i den vakre Schjong5er-løypa. Det var også flere andre løpere som hadde ordnet egne #NeiTilLisens-trøyer.

Mye folk og god stemning (src).

Arrangementet var koselig, intimt og med flott atmosfære. Arrangørene var superhyggelige. Organiseringen smidig. Løypa variert, vakker og morsom. Premieutdelingen bra, og premiene flotte. Når også været var med oss kunne ikke ting bli bedre. Schjong5er'n er et perfekt bevis på at arrangører utenfor NFIF får til utrolige gode løp. Hele overskuddet går rett tilbake til lokalsamfunnet. Pengene går til vedlikehold av den fine stien hvor løypen gikk, og den lokale håndballklubben får resten.

Noen av løperene som vender ryggen til skatt på mosjonering (src).

Schjong5er'n er et eksempel på et arrangement som NFIF ønsker å stoppe. De vil heller at idrettsklubber tilknyttet Forbundet skal arrangere løp. Resultatet? Mer penger til Forbundet, mindre til lokalsamfunnet. Er det riktig? Nei! Er du imot denne lisensen så marker din motstand.

Noen tydeligere enn andre (src).

Alle mine innlegg i #NeiTilLisens-saken finner du her. For dem som ikke kjenner historien så eksploderte det hele når jeg skrev dette innlegget i oktober 2013. Noe som blant annet førte til sensur og flere fine karakteristikker av undertegnede.

Fokusert? Sliten? Eller bare irritert over skatt på mosjonering? (Foto: Espen Ringom / Kondis).

Heming Leira ble bedt om å fortelle litt om hvorfor vi protesterer:

Takk til arrangørene av Schjong5er'n for en minnerik søndag. Med dette løpet så har jeg allerede kommet opp i 8 lisensfrie konkurranser. Heldigvis er det veldig mange flere å velge i ukene og månedene som kommer. For selv har jeg ingen planer om å betale en eneste lisenskrone til Forbundet i år.

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